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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Starting Preschool

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted. I tell myself all the time to get on here and post but Facebook makes it so easy to upload photos and keep the family in the loop. I had to tell myself that this is the girls baby book so I need to update the blog more so they can go back read about their lives rather than just see pictures on Facebook. With that said, I hope to be more active on here.

The girls and I moved in with my parents to be closer to their preschool. Spending 30 minutes in a car each way to school did not seem like a good idea so we are going to live with my parents for a few months and see where things go.

The girls were set to start preschool on Monday. Prior to this, Addy has been very sick. She started running a fever on Tuesday and then started having more of her SVT heart episodes over the weekend. Needless to say, she did not get to go to school on Monday. She still got up with Riley and they both got dressed and put on their backpacks for pictures but with Addy's temp still at 102, she could not join her sister.

Riley had a blast on her first day and did really well without her sister. Addie was sad she could not go to school with her sister and that broke my heart. She got extra special time with grandpa though while Riley was in class. Riley was very excited to go back to school on the 2nd day. She loves packing her snack and putting her lunch box in her "pack pack" as she calls it. I hope my girls always enjoy school.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Well I know it has been a very long time since I have updated the blog. Most people follow me on Facebook and have been able to keep up with us there but I just haven't had the time, energy, and heart to put a post together.

At the end of the summer I made the decision to end my marriage with Jesse. This was a decision that I had thought about for a very long time and I finally got the courage to start taking the steps. I have to say that Jesse really is a great guy, he is just not the right guy for me. We are both better off with different people that fit us better.

So in September I told Jesse the news and began making arrangements to move out. In November I moved out with the girls to a new house in Gilbert. We absolutely love the area and the girls have responded better than I expected. Jesse found a place in Tempe about 15 minutes away so the traveling back and forth is not too difficult.

We are now learning about what our new normal consists of and we have had a few bumps in the road and many modifications but things seem to be going smooth now. The girls see Jesse every Tuesday, every other Thursday, and every other weekend.

The divorce will be final on February 7th and I will be going back to my maiden name. 2011 was a year for changes but I see a bright future for 2012.