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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

15 Month Stats

The girls went to the Pediatrician today and they both checked out well. Our biggest thing to work on is getting the girls to start drinking out of their sippy cups and stop using their bottles. We have been working on this for a while and Riley gets it better than Addison but neither one really likes to drink out of the sippy cups. I guess if we take away the bottles all together, they will be forced to use the sippy cups.

We got a new prescription for Zantac to help with the reflux issues. I know we were not using the correct dose after putting them back on the Zantac so the Dr. will call in the proper dose for us this time.

Here are the stats -


Height: 29 3/4in ~ 25 %ile
Weight: 20lbs 4oz ~ 10 - 25%ile
Head: 18 3/4in ~ 90%ile


Height: 29 3/4in ~ 25 %ile
Weight: 20lbs 9oz ~ 10 - 25%ile
Head: 18 3/4in ~ 90%ile

So our twins share the same height and head circumference and they are only 5oz different on weight. Riley the smaller twin is now the bigger twin for the last 3-4 months. It is so funny to see that they are so similar in their stats yet so different in their personalities.

They did great on their shots even though they had to have 4 each. They will only need 1 shot at their 18 month visit and then they won't have any more shots until they are 4 years old. Yay for a break in the shots.

Monday, July 26, 2010

15 Months

I'm looking back and starting to wonder how we went from having 2 babies to having 2 toddlers. Our girls are not babies anymore. We have walking, chattering, happy toddlers they have such a passion for life. These sweet girls brighten my smile and exhaust me at the same time. I love how they can make me laugh so many times a day and I love them dearly.

I look back to how life was last year ago at this time and I realize we have come such a long way. I had just gone back to work and I was getting used to my new schedule and being away from the girls all day was difficult. I also realized that I need that adult interaction and I enjoyed both of my jobs - inside the house and out. I still wish I was able to do some sort of work from home that would allow me to be home with the girls more but I know they are in good hands with my mom at home.

It is hard to believe that these were our sweet babies one year ago:

Riley left, Addie Right
Riley left, Addie Right





It cracks me up to see how little hair they had and even now, they are just beginning to grow out some hair.

And here we are, another hot Arizona summer later and the girls are 15 months old now.






Here are some stats and updates for both girls

- is wearing size 3 diapers
- still only has 4 teeth
- still drinks breast milk at night, cow's milk during the day
- took her first steps on 7/22/2010
- can take 3-4 steps unassisted
- loves to laugh
- favorite toys include her blocks and stacking buckets
- tends to be a daddy's girl
- loves to eat macaroni and cheese and green beans


- is wearing size 3 diapers but could move up to 4's
- has 7 teeth, we thought she was cutting her 8th one but it hasn't popped through
- drinks breast milk at night - cow's milk during the day
- took her first steps on 7/5/2010
- can walk across the room with no problems, but still likes to crawl. That girl can crawl so fast.
- loves to gibber jabber and scream for no reason
- loves her piano and any musical toy
- is a mommy's girl - I can't leave her sight or she throws a holy fit
- loves to eat macaroni and cheese and peas

Riley is our early riser, Addie is our late night girl. Addie can nap a long time during the day and Riley likes shorter naps. Addie is our quiet thinker girl while Riley loves to make sure you know she is there. Riley is adventurous and Addie thinks things through first. Riley has a short attention span and Addie can sit for hours with the same toy. Both girls like to cuddle just at different times of the day. Addie has the most infectious laugh and Riley has the cutest smile. They are so similar and so different at the same time.

I will have more stats for height and weight on Wednesday after the girls go for their 15 month well baby visit to the pediatrician. Happy 15 months baby girls!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Yay Addison

We officially have two walkers now. Addison took her first 2 unassisted steps yesterday evening. We had my parents over to visit with the girls. My dad was filming the girls to see how well Riley was walking and to get Addison's happy face on camera. Linda was helping Addison walk by holding her hands and she was doing such a good job walking along. She has been too scared to take steps on her own but she does really well walking if she can hold on to someones hand. My dad was filming away and Addison st oped walking with Linda. Addie sat down on the floor for a minute and then stood up close to Jesse. Jesse told her to come over and she took one step, and then another step and then fell into Jesse's arms!!! We all cheered for her and all the while, my dad was filming the big event. Jesse and I both had tears in our eyes to see our big girl take her first steps. You really are a proud parent when you see your child reach that next milestone. I'm glad we had the physical therapy to help both girls get closer to normal milestones.

Congrats Miss Addie!!!!! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and your sister.

I will post the video as soon as my dad sends it over.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Long Day

I am now working overtime at work to bring in some extra money to help with our pay off plan. I am starting work at around 5am and working until 3:30pm. These are long days and I have to go to bed pretty early in order to be fully awake so early in the morning.

After a long day yesterday, I went out to my car to leave for the day. Can you tell where this is going? Yeah, my car would not start. My battery was dead. I remember that in the morning my car had a little bit of hesitation before turning over but I completely forgot about that until my car didn't start. So I went back into my office and had a few of the guys on my team try to help me. We attempted to jump start my car but apparently the battery was too dead to be revived by a jump start. I was then forced to call AAA to help. Let me tell you, it is not fun waiting for AAA during rush hour. It took them 1 hour 15 minutes to finally find my office after the driver got lost twice. So by then I had been at work for almost 12 hours.

The driver got his super charged jump battery charged up and was able to jump start my battery with extra voltage. The driver then said he could sell me a new battery right there which I thought was a great idea because I didn't want to go drive to over to my shop and wait for them to put in the new battery. I ask how much the battery is and he tells me, $165....are you freaking kidding me??? What kind of battery costs that much money. He goes in to tell me about the warranty and blah blah blah but I couldn't justify spending that much money, especially now we are working towards paying off debt.

So while the driver was running more tests on my car, I called my shop and told them my battery was dead and wanted to find out if it was still under warranty and they told me it was. I get a partial payment back and the new battery would cost around $30. Yeah, that sounded so much better than $165 so I was willing to make the drive down to my shop. By now it is 5:30pm and the shop is closing at 6pm. I had to rush down there in more traffic and I barely made it.

I get to the shop and they tell me it will just be a few minutes and I will be on my way. Well after a few minutes they come out to tell me that the battery they had on the shelf was bad and they didn't have another one on the shelf. They could put in a loaner one. The loaner one was smaller than the battery I have so they had to rig my car up to hold the smaller battery. By 6:30pm they finally had it fixed so I could come home but they wanted me to come back the following day to get the new battery put in.

I finally got home and it was time to give the girls a bath and put them to bed. I was exhausted and sad that I would get no time to spend with the girls. This was not my idea of a good time but it was all in the name of working longer and getting out of debt.

Dave Ramsey, I hope you can see my horrible day and the sacrifices I am making to get out of debt!!!!!!!

I hope today is a better day.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How are things going?

I have been so bad about updating the blog lately. It seems that work and taking care of the girls has me busier than before. I don't even know how I was able to manage work, school, and the girls before I graduated from my masters degree. I only have a couple of more months before I start my next masters in Adult Education so I need to settle down and enjoy this free time.

The girls are growing so much every day. Riley is so close to walking. She has taken a total of 15 steps before falling in her best attempt so far. She really likes to stand up all the time. She is good at bending down and picking up her toys and then standing back up without any support. Every time we try to get her walking on video she starts crawling again. She doesn't like being filmed or she just gets too excited and doesn't concentrate on balancing.

Addie is standing up without assistance now. She watches Riley and laughs at her and then stands up on her own. She will walk really well if you hold on to just one of her hands but she doesn't quite have the confidence to take steps without any help. We had to take her out of physical therapy because Jesse is starting back at work as the new school year is just about here for AZ. I might check to see if there is a time that I can take Addie where I can leave work just a bit early or something. So far they don't have a time to accommodate us but I feel as though Addie is doing really well and will be walking on her own time.

Jesse and I are thinking about selling our home and renting for a while to have some lower payments and allow us to pay off some of our consumer debt. We are following the teachings of Dave Ramsey. If you have not hear about him, you really should check out his book, "The Total Money Makeover". This book was life changing for both Jesse and I and we hope to be debt free in the next couple of years. We then plan to purchase a house and work on paying the mortgage off in a maximum term of 15 years.

And before I go here are some recent pictures of the girls standing and showing off their skills:




Silly girls:

Both standing:

And we are working hard to take the bottle away from the girls, but so far no luck:

And Friday was Brea's 29th birthday and we went out to celebrate. This is a big birthday because in a woman's life, you won't have any more birthdays. You will just have anniversaries of your 29th birthday so we had to have some fun.

Here we are together:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On the Mend

Our family is now on the mend. We had a rough weekend as Riley was very sick and continued to throw up all through the night on Friday night. I really thought we were going to need to take her to the ER because she couldn't stop throwing up. She was crying and looking at me to fix her, but all I could do was hold her and help her get the bad things out of her stomach. Finally she feel asleep on Jesse's chest and we decided to have her sleep in the Pack n' play out in the front room in case she had another episode. We didn't want to disturb Addison with changing her Riley bed sheets for another time. I slept out on the couch in the front room right next to my baby in case she got sick again. Luckily, she was able to keep everything down for the rest of the night and I managed to get a couple of hours of sleep. I felt like I had a newborn again and had to be up every few hours to change and diaper a baby.

Saturday was better and Riley only vomited up a little bit of apple juice. We cut milk out of her diet as the doctor said that dairy could cause the situation to be worse and Riley was always throwing up after having milk. We kept her hydrated with water, juice, and pedialyte and she was doing much better until Sunday. On Sunday, I started getting sick. I wasn't vomiting but things were running through my system and I was having bad cramps as well. I felt for both girls knowing what they were going through. I was really glad that Addison seemed to be getting by without getting too sick and my mom and Jesse were also doing okay.

Sunday night Riley started throwing up again and I knew there was no way I was making it through the night with her sick again and then trying to go to work the next day. I took Sunday off and tried to get some rest myself along with cuddling with Riley to help her feel better. Finally by Monday night, I was feeling better and Riley looked much better.

Tuesday I got back to work and Riley seems back to her old self again. Both girls are having normal diapers with no diarrhea and they seem to be happy babies.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hand and Foot Disease

We have had a loss of appetite and diarrhea for this last week and last night our little Riley bug started vomiting. She vomited her night time bottle on me when we were rocking to sleep. She then woke up around 11pm and Jesse picked her up and she vomited on him. In the morning she was very cranky, drank half of her bottle and then vomited that up as well.

At that point, I knew we needed to take her in and see what the issue could be especially since it was Friday and I didn't want to go the whole weekend with a sick baby.

We took her and the first thing the doctor said was "another case of diarrhea and vomiting". So apparently this is going around in our area and the doctor was seeing cases like ours all week.

Riley seems to be doing okay. She isn't 100% but she is still laughing and playing with her sister. She vomited some apple juice and had another bad diaper around dinner time, so we aren't out of the woods yet.

I can tell she isn't her normal self because she laid on my chest for about 30 minutes after her nap today and normally that girl can't sit still for longer than 30 seconds. I felt like I had my little baby back that just loved to lay on my chest and cuddle with me.

It looks like this will be a weekend spent around the house as we get the girls back to feeling normal again.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We have a Walker

Little miss Riley took her first steps yesterday. She has been standing up independently for the last week or so and yesterday out of the blue, she took 3 steps. I was so happy that I was home to see this happen. I was so afraid that I would be at work when something big like this happened, but luckily, I was right next to her when she did it.

She tried several more times in the day to practice and got up to 4 steps before falling. We also tried several times to get it on video but any time we had the camera out, she wouldn't show off her skills. She is so bound and determined to get better and keep practicing though. She just squeals and laughs each attempt and she knows that she is doing something really cool.

Now I know that Addie won't let her sister get too far ahead. Addison started standing independently yesterday. Jesse watched her stand for about 15 second straight before she plopped back down on the ground. I'm sure it will be no time before both girls are chasing each other around the house.

The girls also learned how to get into the kitchen cabinets so we had to run out and get the supplies to baby proof the kitchen. Riley was so mad that she couldn't pull things out of the cabinets to play with but we couldn't have her playing with dish soap and bug killer, now could we?

My heart just melted with all the big accomplishments yesterday. It is bittersweet to know my girls are growing up. I miss my little babies that we had last year but I look forward to learning more about our growing toddlers.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Video Accomplishments

I've been trying to get blogger to upload these videos for days now but it just wouldn't take so I had to use photobucket to get the job done. I got these videos up on facebook a few days ago since FB is lightening fast.

The girls are getting stronger and stronger each day and I know it is just a matter of time before they are walking and running all over this house. Riley can now stand unassisted and here she is showing off:

Here is another video of them showing off their funny skills. They make me laugh every day> I'm so glad I have several pictures and videos of their "scrunchy faces".

This is all for now. Happy Independence Day to everyone!!!!!