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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We have a Walker

Little miss Riley took her first steps yesterday. She has been standing up independently for the last week or so and yesterday out of the blue, she took 3 steps. I was so happy that I was home to see this happen. I was so afraid that I would be at work when something big like this happened, but luckily, I was right next to her when she did it.

She tried several more times in the day to practice and got up to 4 steps before falling. We also tried several times to get it on video but any time we had the camera out, she wouldn't show off her skills. She is so bound and determined to get better and keep practicing though. She just squeals and laughs each attempt and she knows that she is doing something really cool.

Now I know that Addie won't let her sister get too far ahead. Addison started standing independently yesterday. Jesse watched her stand for about 15 second straight before she plopped back down on the ground. I'm sure it will be no time before both girls are chasing each other around the house.

The girls also learned how to get into the kitchen cabinets so we had to run out and get the supplies to baby proof the kitchen. Riley was so mad that she couldn't pull things out of the cabinets to play with but we couldn't have her playing with dish soap and bug killer, now could we?

My heart just melted with all the big accomplishments yesterday. It is bittersweet to know my girls are growing up. I miss my little babies that we had last year but I look forward to learning more about our growing toddlers.


  1. Congrats to Riley!! How exciting! I am sure Addison won't be too far behind. I am so glad you were home to see the big milestone!! Yeah!!

  2. Yay, Riley! I'm sure Addison will follow soon and yup, then it's all day tracking them throughout the house. Allie loves to open cabinets, Audrey likes to close them. I'm just waiting for someone to get a finger smushed.

  3. Congratulations! What a big improvement in such a short period of time. She'll be running all over in no time...I remember Micah went from a few steps to crossing a room within a week or so! I love how they know to save those "big" moments for when Mommy is home with them...I've never really missed anything big yet, even with daycare.

    I remember the kitchen cabinet messes...we baby-proofed, too - Micah still finds a way to sneak his hand inside a bit!

    It is such a bittersweet time...I know what you mean about missing the baby stuff...but loving as you watch them become a real person with opinions, etc.! - Tkeys