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Monday, May 30, 2011

Another Fun Zoo Day

We took the girls to the zoo again today to enjoy one last time at the zoo until the weather gets cool again. Luckily today was only in the low 80's and it was pretty nice. We are supposed to see 100+ temps for the rest of the summer on now though.

The girls were very excited about the trip and they talked about it for days before we actually left. They were excited to go with Papa, Aunt Sara, and Alan. Sara and Alan volunteer at the zoo and can get us in free anytime. We love that but may look into a membership at some point.

Here are the girls as we waited to go inside:

We went and visited the orangutans first and the girls were able to see the baby and grandma right up close. Riley was screaming to go into the exhibit. She kept yelling, "side" "side" (inside). She was just in love with them.

Then we headed over to the splash pad to cool off a bit. The girls had so much fun running through the waterfalls and splashing around



Riley and Daddy

Addie and Daddy

Having fun together...

We then took a break to eat lunch. The girls were having so much fun laughing and cracking us up. They love to fake laugh and had all of us rolling. Their smiles were pricelss!!!

After lunch we headed over to see the camels. Riley was very excited so Jesse took her for a ride. She loved every second of it and didn't want to get off the camel when it was over

Then Sara took Addie for her turn. As soon as they placed her on the camel, she started crying. She was not having any of it but she managed to stay on for the quick minute ride.

It is funny to see how different the girls really are. Riley used to cry on rides and Addie screamed in delight, now that tables have turned and Riley is our little dare devil and Addie is more cautious. I bet you Addie is the big sister and wants to make sure everything is stable for both her and her sister.

We saw a few more animals and the heat started picking up so we headed home. The girls were exhausted and we saw a few little fits after we got home. I am going to post more about our terrible 2's in another post here soon. Terrible 2's times 2 has me a bit worried.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Ending of the Park Days

In Phoenix it starts to get hot this time of year which ends our park season. Usually by June it is too hot to go to the park as the temps rise above 100 degrees. We have had some mild temps this May allowing us a few extra park days. Today was windy enough to give us enough relief to stand the 90 degree temps. The girls had a blast as usual but we must bid farewell to the park down the street until the temps go down in early fall.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Running, Running, Running Away........

I’m referring to the girls here, not myself. Although sometimes I think about running away…just for a day or maybe a few hours when things are tough. It is a good thing that those girls are so darn cute, otherwise I would have run away a long time ago. Okay not really but the thought has crossed my mind a time or two. LOL

When I say running, running, running away….I am referring to Riley. Boy oh boy, that girl is fast. Sometimes when you tell her it is time for a diaper change, she takes off running. And sometimes, she is so fast that I can barely catch her. Now she thinks this is the funniest thing in the world, which is probably why she keeps doing it.

When I take the girls to the park, they end up running all over the grass and hardly spend any time on the playground equipment. They must get cooped up in the house and when they get the freedom to just run….they take full advantage of it. It is the cutest thing when they run off together and I just see them running side by side skipping down the rolling hills at our park. I will have to catch a picture of that because it is the sweetest thing in the world.

Now the reason that sparked this blog post is actually about Riley running away when she should not. Twice now, she has taken off running while we are in the street or in a parking lot. At my cousin’s house this weekend, I set Riley down next to the car door so I could start the car….(since it is 100 degrees here, starting the car is a must to get the air going). As soon as I set her down, she took off running down the street. My oh my, it was a sight to see but so very dangerous. Once I caught her, we had a nice chat about how that was scary for mommy and how the big cars could hurt her if she took off running like that again. I hoped that little talk worked and she doesn’t take off like that again. I will start putting her in her seat first and then starting the car before I buckle them up at least to prevent anything bad happening.

I am hoping out of all this we learn that the girls will be good runners when they are older. Maybe we have future track stars on our hands or maybe some basketball players that love running up and down the court.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

An Amazing Mother's Day!!!

My husband was so super sweet to me this Mother's Day. On Saturday afternoon I came home to a completely cleaned house. I had taken the girls over to visit Uncle Keith and Aunt Joan and we were gone all afternoon. Jesse spent over 4 hours cleaning our house from top to bottom. Even the bathrooms were spotless!!!

On Sunday morning I woke up to some flowers and cards from Jesse and the girls.

Jesse had booked brunch for us and my parents and we enjoyed a fabulous brunch with so many fabulous foods to chose from. The girls did their best to behave but it was hard since brunch was booked right during their nap time but they made it through giving us several laughs filled with messy faces.

After we got home, Jesse gave me the best present of all. He coordinated with my dad to make me a Mother's Day video. Click here to view the video.
I was blown away at the creativity and I cried all the way through the video. It was absolutely more than I could have asked for. I will treasure this Mother's Day and I am so proud of my husband and so grateful to be Addison and Riley's mommy!!!

I took my mom out later for some shopping and fun which was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

I hope all the other Mother's out there had a great day.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Four word sentence

Riley said her first 4 word sentence today. We were visiting with Uncle Keith and Aunt Joan. The girls were having fun with Uncle Keith on the couch which wore him out so he went to take a nap. A little while later, Riley went looking for Keith. She was pulling the pillows off the couch when I caught her say, "Keith, where are you? It was the cutest thing!!! I'm just amazed at how fast they learn and catch on.

Addie still says many 3 word sentences and I hope to catch a 4 word one from her very soon. Way to go girls!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Colors and Dishes

What a strange title I have today. I wanted to cover both of the topics so why not put them together?

Colors are the talk of our household. The girls are really into their colors and it makes me proud that they are always telling me the colors of things. This is more apparent with Addie. Every day when I come home from work, she tells me what color shirt I am wearing. No "Hi mommy" its "Pink", "Pink", "Pink". Then when I go change into my comfy clothes for the night, she then tells me the new color I have changed into. She also does this with things all over the house and every one's clothes. Riley does it a little bit but it is Addie running the color show.

Riley's favorite thing right now is to do dishes with mommy. She takes such delight in being able to rinse the dishes after I wash them. That is her job! She takes such care to get all the suds off, or bubbles as she calls them. Riley could be in the other half of the house but if she hears me running water in the sink, she comes running with her chair to help me. She gets upset if I don't let her, so each time I do dishes, Riley is my little helper. Now we do own a dish washer but we never really use it. We don't use enough dishes to run the dishwasher and we are the type of people that like to wash our dishes after a meal and clean up the kitchen. So Riley gets extra chances to be my dish washer. I just hopes she enjoys doing dishes when she is older, but I can bet she will not find it as fun as she does now. And Addie just prefers to play with the suds (bubbles as we wash the dishes).