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Friday, May 6, 2011

Colors and Dishes

What a strange title I have today. I wanted to cover both of the topics so why not put them together?

Colors are the talk of our household. The girls are really into their colors and it makes me proud that they are always telling me the colors of things. This is more apparent with Addie. Every day when I come home from work, she tells me what color shirt I am wearing. No "Hi mommy" its "Pink", "Pink", "Pink". Then when I go change into my comfy clothes for the night, she then tells me the new color I have changed into. She also does this with things all over the house and every one's clothes. Riley does it a little bit but it is Addie running the color show.

Riley's favorite thing right now is to do dishes with mommy. She takes such delight in being able to rinse the dishes after I wash them. That is her job! She takes such care to get all the suds off, or bubbles as she calls them. Riley could be in the other half of the house but if she hears me running water in the sink, she comes running with her chair to help me. She gets upset if I don't let her, so each time I do dishes, Riley is my little helper. Now we do own a dish washer but we never really use it. We don't use enough dishes to run the dishwasher and we are the type of people that like to wash our dishes after a meal and clean up the kitchen. So Riley gets extra chances to be my dish washer. I just hopes she enjoys doing dishes when she is older, but I can bet she will not find it as fun as she does now. And Addie just prefers to play with the suds (bubbles as we wash the dishes).

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  1. You are a brave mommy to allow such help with the dishes! Our girls are 28 months, and for the first time ever I just let one of them "help" me load the dishwasher. I have to say, I was a nervous wreck! :) I know the girls love to help...and I know it's good for them...and I know I need to chill out and let them help more often! Working on it... :)