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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Monday, February 28, 2011

22 Months....a few days late

We are off and running and not slowing down!!!

Silly Addie (she looks like her mama did when she was younger in this pose)


Boy oh boy these girls are almost 2 years old. When I sit back and think, I feel like we just had their 1st birthday. However, these girls have changed so much in the last year. They light up when I come home from work. They scream "mommy" now instead of just mama. They are also saying "daddy" too. I just love how kids love you unconditionally and light up every time you walk in the room. Riley is my cuddle bug and Addie is my tough girl. Riley loves to sit in my lap for hours. Addie can run and fall and just pick herself right up without a cry. I think she will love playing sports when she gets older.

For some stats:
Addie is still working on a few teeth. She is missing her canine teeth and her 2 year molars.
Riley has all her teeth except her 2 year molars.

They both wear mostly 24 months or 2T clothes, although they still fit in many of their 18 month stuff too.

They are wearing size 4 diapers but we hope to start potty training soon. These girls are catching on fast and let us know when they pee and poop and boy, is it ever exciting.

They are picky eating toddlers but they will eat mac and cheese, cheese crisp, string cheese.....notice a theme here? They will eat fruit all day and most vegetables so we can't complain.

We love watching them change and we love living for each day.

(p.s if you read this before I proof read it, I am sorry. I am posting most of the pages from my phone and it likes to change my words around and make up words so I apologize)

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Fun Day at the Park

I love the days when I get off work early and I can take the girls to the park. The girls are so big now and they run all over the park and down the slides by themselves. We had a great afternoon together.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Silly Girls

Addison trying on mommy's shoes (Sorry for the bad focus...this is the best I can get on my camera phone)

Look at how much fun we have

Addison rocking her head band and diaper look

Can you see how we crammed into a cart car for 1 while we shopped. We don't mind being squeezed together, we are used to that.

Having fun with Nana and Aunt Sara

Riley rocking her head band with Aunt Sara

These silly girls make us laugh every day. They are getting themselves into silly situations and making trouble as much as they can. With all that play, there is bound to be a bump or bruise now and again. Both girls have a few war wounds to show for all their silly play but they are pretty strong and get over their wounds quickly. We just love how their little personalities are coming out. They are saying the darnedest things and make the funniest faces. I just had to post a few of their silly shots over the last few weeks. I try my best to catch as many as possible but I sometimes forget to have my camera ready.

We are beginning party planning mode for the their 2nd birthday. I just keep delaying the planning because I really can't believe they will be 2 in about 2 months. We aren't sure what the theme will be but we are thinking of holding the party at the park by our house if everyone can make the drive out here.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Play Date with an SK Sister

Katrina and I

Katrina's son Braden and Addie

Riley off doing her own thing

All of us together

I had the pleasure of meeting up with an online friend. Katrina and I met at the beginning of 2008 on online on a message board for women trying to conceive. Little did we know, we would need all the help and support that the cycle buddies message board brought to us. We both suffered through infertility together and both of us are Infertility Survivors.

Katrina used to live in Scottsdale AZ and she was back for a week visit away from her home state, Ohio. I took this opportunity to invite her and her son Braden over to our house for a play date for us and our kids. Katrina and I had a good time talking and comparing our motherhood stories. We have a bond that few women understand and it is nice to spend time with someone who understands your story and your effort just to become a mom. It was fun to watch our kids play together. I hope that Katrina and I can stay good friends online and catch up now and again if she is visiting AZ.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feeling Better

Pretty Miss Addie

Busy Miss Riley

It looks as though we are all just about back to normal. I thought I would skate by and not get sick.....and then Saturday night happened. After having a nice day out with Granny for her birthday, I started feeling sick on Saturday night. I ended up being up most the night with horrible stomach pains. I very little sleep and the girls thought it would be fun to start stirring at about 4:30am. I made them stay in bed until 5:30 since I couldn't drag myself out of bed. Luckily my mom came to the rescue shortly after and let me go back to sleep. The rest of the day was touch and go and by Monday morning I was back to my old self with a couple of pounds loss from my sickness. Hey, I will take those pounds however they chose to come off.

So now that we are all healthy, we are looking forward to enjoying some outings and going to the park in our beautiful AZ weather. For some reason Phoenix is a little confused on what season it should be with nice temps in the mid 80's. The girls enjoy the extra time outside but I want it to be cold a while longer because we know summer is just around the corner and we will be dying of heat exhaustion here soon.

So can anyone believe how fast these little girls are growing up. Take a look at those pictures above. How in the world did these girls get so big. They are turning into little ladies and they have lost all of their "baby" looks. They love to dress up, wear jewelery, and wear mommy's shoes around the house. They are talking up a storm and have mastered their colors. They are beginning to count and use their numbers and their favorite word has been "yes" lately. I will take "yes" over "no" any day. They are so cute when they say "yes" and nod their little heads at the same time. Each day they surprise us with something new and we have to be on our toes to keep up with them. If anyone is good friends with father time, tell him to slow things down a little bit so we can enjoy these younger years.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sick houseold

It has been a rough week in the Prather house. It all started on Sunday night when Riley woke up and started throwing up. She also through up a few more times in the morning, then she seemed to get better so we thought it was just a 24 hour thing. Then on Tuesday it started back up and then Addison joined in. Riley also had several bouts of diarrhea. Once again things looked better by Tuesday evening. By Wednesday morning my mom got sick so I stayed home from work. Wednesdays are my class night so I left my sick mom in charge for 30 minutes until Jesse got home from work. During the 30 minutes my mom tried to feed the girls. Riley got sick at the dinner table and then so did my mom.

Then to make matters worse....Jesse got sick this morning and has had several trips to the restroom. Some how through all this, I have stayed healthy. The girls seem better tonight and I hope Jesse and my mom get better here soon.

I will leave you all with the cute photo of Riley playing in the cupboards.
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fun with friends

Addison trying to sit herself in Cougar's dump truck


Cougar...he doesn't like to smile for pictures much. :)

We had a fun visit with some old friends on Saturday evening. The Sheltons became good friends of ours while Jamie worked at UOPX with Jesse and I a few years back. We all had fun working together and Jamie and I talked girl stuff and even worked on conceiving our first babies together. Jamie got pregnant with her son Cougar a few months before we conceived the twins. We shared pregnancy stories together and she even visited me in the hospital when I was on bed rest.

After we had our kids, Jamie stopped working at UOP and we resorted to catching up with each others families through our blogs and on Facebook. Jaime was able to lure us over to her house by offering to give her coupons up that she was using. She used to do coupon sense like I do but she is now pregnant with her 2nd baby and doesn't have the time and effort to cut coupons and shop at several stores to save money. I am happy to take her coupons off her hands but I can understand the time it takes to keep up with all the deals. Doing that while pregnant sounds tiring.

We had a nice visit and were able to catch up with each other's families. It was nice for the girls to play with another toddler their age. Cougar is only about 1.5 months older than the girls and it seemed as though all three kids were at about the same level with each other.

The girls had fun playing with all of Cougar's boy toys. Addison kept trying to get into Cougar's dump truck. She thought she could just sit herself in the back of Cougar's truck. See picture above.

We hope we can do this again sometime and I know I will be begging to come visit once they have their 2nd baby. I am so sad that my girls are getting older and it makes me want to have another baby but I will have to settle for visiting my friends that are having babies here soon to get my baby fix.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Misc Catch Up

I dressed up a blog a you like it? I hope to get a new header with some more current photos here soon. The girls were around 16 months in that picture. They have grown so much over the last 5 months. The only struggle is that it is almost impossible to get both girls in a picture where they are looking at the camera. Maybe we will get lucky with that again soon.

Life has been so busy since I came back from Disneyland. I feel like I haven't had a chance to post to the blog since I got back. I swear the girls grew some while we were gone for the 4 short days. They seem to be talking more and using two word sentences more which is adorable. Those sentences mostly consist of "up mama" as soon as I get home from work. They both love to say Addie's name but neither one of them says Riley's name. The laugh and giggle all the time and they make me laugh and smile too.

It is safe to say the girls are obsessed with Mickey and Minnie. They love to watch Mickey's Play House in the morning when they get up and have several Mickey and Minnie animals that they sleep and play with. They have books and puzzles with Mickey and Minnie and that is all they like to talk about.

I've been concentrating on school, working hard in my program to learn as much as I can about teaching adults and instructional design so I can bring some extra money into our house with a few side jobs. I enjoy the material but I hate that I am gone on Wednesday nights and I can't put the girls to bed. On Thursdays, I am exhausted but once I come home and see those sweet faces, I get a burst of energy and we run off to play.

I have had some friends experience some great moments this week in regards to parenthood. One of my friends delivered her first baby girl after years of suffering from infertility. Another friend finally got the two pink lines she has been waiting years to see. I feel so much joy for my friends this week.

I am hoping for a nice weekend at home where I can spend as much time with the girls as possible. Although I am praying they sleep in a little bit so mommy can catch up on sleep too. We will watch the Super Bowl on Sunday and we hope everyone has a fun safe weekend.

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