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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sick houseold

It has been a rough week in the Prather house. It all started on Sunday night when Riley woke up and started throwing up. She also through up a few more times in the morning, then she seemed to get better so we thought it was just a 24 hour thing. Then on Tuesday it started back up and then Addison joined in. Riley also had several bouts of diarrhea. Once again things looked better by Tuesday evening. By Wednesday morning my mom got sick so I stayed home from work. Wednesdays are my class night so I left my sick mom in charge for 30 minutes until Jesse got home from work. During the 30 minutes my mom tried to feed the girls. Riley got sick at the dinner table and then so did my mom.

Then to make matters worse....Jesse got sick this morning and has had several trips to the restroom. Some how through all this, I have stayed healthy. The girls seem better tonight and I hope Jesse and my mom get better here soon.

I will leave you all with the cute photo of Riley playing in the cupboards.
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