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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fun with friends

Addison trying to sit herself in Cougar's dump truck


Cougar...he doesn't like to smile for pictures much. :)

We had a fun visit with some old friends on Saturday evening. The Sheltons became good friends of ours while Jamie worked at UOPX with Jesse and I a few years back. We all had fun working together and Jamie and I talked girl stuff and even worked on conceiving our first babies together. Jamie got pregnant with her son Cougar a few months before we conceived the twins. We shared pregnancy stories together and she even visited me in the hospital when I was on bed rest.

After we had our kids, Jamie stopped working at UOP and we resorted to catching up with each others families through our blogs and on Facebook. Jaime was able to lure us over to her house by offering to give her coupons up that she was using. She used to do coupon sense like I do but she is now pregnant with her 2nd baby and doesn't have the time and effort to cut coupons and shop at several stores to save money. I am happy to take her coupons off her hands but I can understand the time it takes to keep up with all the deals. Doing that while pregnant sounds tiring.

We had a nice visit and were able to catch up with each other's families. It was nice for the girls to play with another toddler their age. Cougar is only about 1.5 months older than the girls and it seemed as though all three kids were at about the same level with each other.

The girls had fun playing with all of Cougar's boy toys. Addison kept trying to get into Cougar's dump truck. She thought she could just sit herself in the back of Cougar's truck. See picture above.

We hope we can do this again sometime and I know I will be begging to come visit once they have their 2nd baby. I am so sad that my girls are getting older and it makes me want to have another baby but I will have to settle for visiting my friends that are having babies here soon to get my baby fix.

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