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Monday, February 21, 2011

Play Date with an SK Sister

Katrina and I

Katrina's son Braden and Addie

Riley off doing her own thing

All of us together

I had the pleasure of meeting up with an online friend. Katrina and I met at the beginning of 2008 on online on a message board for women trying to conceive. Little did we know, we would need all the help and support that the cycle buddies message board brought to us. We both suffered through infertility together and both of us are Infertility Survivors.

Katrina used to live in Scottsdale AZ and she was back for a week visit away from her home state, Ohio. I took this opportunity to invite her and her son Braden over to our house for a play date for us and our kids. Katrina and I had a good time talking and comparing our motherhood stories. We have a bond that few women understand and it is nice to spend time with someone who understands your story and your effort just to become a mom. It was fun to watch our kids play together. I hope that Katrina and I can stay good friends online and catch up now and again if she is visiting AZ.

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