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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Long Day

I am now working overtime at work to bring in some extra money to help with our pay off plan. I am starting work at around 5am and working until 3:30pm. These are long days and I have to go to bed pretty early in order to be fully awake so early in the morning.

After a long day yesterday, I went out to my car to leave for the day. Can you tell where this is going? Yeah, my car would not start. My battery was dead. I remember that in the morning my car had a little bit of hesitation before turning over but I completely forgot about that until my car didn't start. So I went back into my office and had a few of the guys on my team try to help me. We attempted to jump start my car but apparently the battery was too dead to be revived by a jump start. I was then forced to call AAA to help. Let me tell you, it is not fun waiting for AAA during rush hour. It took them 1 hour 15 minutes to finally find my office after the driver got lost twice. So by then I had been at work for almost 12 hours.

The driver got his super charged jump battery charged up and was able to jump start my battery with extra voltage. The driver then said he could sell me a new battery right there which I thought was a great idea because I didn't want to go drive to over to my shop and wait for them to put in the new battery. I ask how much the battery is and he tells me, $165....are you freaking kidding me??? What kind of battery costs that much money. He goes in to tell me about the warranty and blah blah blah but I couldn't justify spending that much money, especially now we are working towards paying off debt.

So while the driver was running more tests on my car, I called my shop and told them my battery was dead and wanted to find out if it was still under warranty and they told me it was. I get a partial payment back and the new battery would cost around $30. Yeah, that sounded so much better than $165 so I was willing to make the drive down to my shop. By now it is 5:30pm and the shop is closing at 6pm. I had to rush down there in more traffic and I barely made it.

I get to the shop and they tell me it will just be a few minutes and I will be on my way. Well after a few minutes they come out to tell me that the battery they had on the shelf was bad and they didn't have another one on the shelf. They could put in a loaner one. The loaner one was smaller than the battery I have so they had to rig my car up to hold the smaller battery. By 6:30pm they finally had it fixed so I could come home but they wanted me to come back the following day to get the new battery put in.

I finally got home and it was time to give the girls a bath and put them to bed. I was exhausted and sad that I would get no time to spend with the girls. This was not my idea of a good time but it was all in the name of working longer and getting out of debt.

Dave Ramsey, I hope you can see my horrible day and the sacrifices I am making to get out of debt!!!!!!!

I hope today is a better day.


  1. I hope today goes better for you!

  2. Oh my goodness!! I cannot imagine how awful that day was! I hope things get easier and your car behaves!