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Monday, January 25, 2010

Long Week

Even though this last week was a short week because Jesse and I had Monday off for MLK Day, I still felt like the week was very long. I'm sure this had to do with the girls teething and not feeling well, especially Riley. Riley now has 2 teeth and she has been cranky and not napping/sleeping as well as normal. She is at her worst in the evening hours when we are just trying to keep her entertained until it is time for bed. That girl would probably go to bed at 4:30pm if we let her but we try to keep her up until just before 6 when we start her bath and bed time routine. Addison still hasn't cut a tooth but she is close. She is chewing on everything in sight but overall she is pretty happy most of the time. It is amazing how night and day their differences are in regard to their personalities. Addison is always smiling, laughing and rarely cries and Riley is our screamer and she is usually upset at something. I'm sure Riley would be happy as a clam if you just carried her around every where rather than setting her down to play.

The girls are now at the stage where they want to steal toys from each other. We normally sit them in their Bumbos and put a basket of toys in front of them and let them pull the toys out and play. Usually one girl will find something she likes and the other girl will decide she wants that same toy, even if there is an identical one in the basket and proceed to take it away from baby #1. Typically it is Riley stealing from Addison but sometimes Addison gets Riley back and steals from her too. And you really can't teach a 9 month old baby to share so we just end up taking the toys away from the baby who stole the toy and give it back to the 1st baby. I'm sure we will have this problem for many years to come.

I was also extremely busy finishing up my last week in Statistics class. This class took a lot out of me and I am glad to say I am finally finished with any math based class!!! Woohoo. I start my marketing class on Tuesday and I am looking forward to a somewhat easier class. I have only 12 more weeks of school until me degree is completed. 12 weeks is so close, yet so far away. I will be done with the program 1 week before the girls turn a year old. I want the class time to fly by but I'm not ready to have 1 year old girls at home. I still want my babies to stay babies for a while longer. Isn't it funny that we spend half of our life wanting it to speed by the things we don't enjoy and the other half wanting the time to slow down so we can cherish the happy moments?

And now I am happy to report that I have finally fazed out my night time pumping session. After 9 months of getting up every 4 hours in the night to pump even though the girls sleep through the night is finally over. I just couldn't do it any longer. I don't know what it is like to sleep 8 hour straight and my body was starting to be run too ragged. I still plan to pump to at least a year and hopefully longer, something like 18 months would be great, but no more pumping during the night. I didn't get up last night to pump but I didn't sleep well either. I'm not sure if I just wasn't used to the freedom to just sleep or if I wasn't tired enough (yeah right), or if my boobs were not used to going all night without being emptied, but I didn't sleep the whole 8 hours. Maybe tonight I will actually sleep the whole 8 hours. I think my supply will have to get used to going all night and adjust itself to that schedule. This morning I pumped out about 18 ounces total. Man, I didn't think my boobs could hold 18 ounces at one time but they did and boy did they hurt. I know I will see a supply dip in a few weeks after my body adjusts but I think I will be just find with the extra freezer stash and the girls are taking more solids now also.


  1. I hope your body adjusts and you get a full nights sleep soon! I find I am more tired now that the quads are sleeping through the night than when they were up every 4-5 hours!

  2. I hope your body regulates out so you can get some sleep but I have to warn you...mine never did. I have come to acccept that being a parent means never getting a true full nights sleep...ever again LOL! The difference is waking up because you thought you heard something or your internal clock said the babies need something but you can go right back to sleep rather than having to get up and tend to babies. 5 yrs out from infanthood before Cohen was born, I was still waking in the night..oh well such is life :-)

    And great job on pumping this long! You have done a fantastic job getting up around the clock. I'm sure with your efforts, you supply will rotate itself out after a few days. Hopefully it will register to make more during the day since "babies aren't getting up at night".