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Monday, November 1, 2010

1st Haircuts

What a milestone. Our girls have had the strangest hair growth pattern since their hair finally starting coming in. They were growing that cute little mullet style and daddy was fed up. He almost attempted to cut their hair himself but luckily I stopped him.

I finally took the girls in on Halloween day to get their hair cut and reshaped.I took them to a kids hair cut place in hopes of them having a little fun with the new experience. I was a bad mom and totally forgot the camera so I had to catch everything on my camera phone.
Addison was not very happy with the whole thing and screamed as soon as we got her belted into the seat.

And when she wasn't screaming, she was giving us this sad, sad face.

Poor baby girl did not like it but the hairstylist was quick and was able to do a nice job. Here is the finished result after she was safe in grandma's arms:

Riley did much better. She got a few weird faces but she did rather well during the whole experience.

Here was her one weird face:

It was a bittersweet milestone. It makes me realize how fast the girls are growing. I got their little pieces of hair to put in their memory cans.

I will also be posting later about all the fun we had on Halloween. The girls had a blast and look so very cute!


  1. Wow! Great job getting thru that, Mom. It didn't look easy. I agree -- seeing their little curls in a bag makes me a little teary. It is going so fast!! Hope you guys had a fun Halloween!

  2. What a sad little Addison! She made me want to scoop her up. Their cuts look great!