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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Bunny

This year Here are the photos from last year. The girls were okay when they first sat with the Easter Bunny but very quickly they realized how scary this bunny was and they started crying:
Riley left Addie Right
Addie left, Riley Right

This year I thought they would have a little more fun since they are into bunnies and Easter Eggs. No such luck.

They were actually very excited when they saw the bunny. Riley was really excited and Addie was unsure. Then Addie started crying which made Riley cry and those are the only shots we could get. I don't know if I am a mean mom for making them sit with the bunny or if it is really funny and we can use these photos as blackmail later. I'm not sure but the pictures do make me laugh a little bit. It is also nice to see how much they have changed in the last year. They finally have hair!!!

Poor girls...they did recover quickly and we enjoyed eating lunch with Papa and rolling around the mall. It was a great Saturday morning...too bad daddy had to miss it.

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  1. We have crying pictures with Santa from the girls' first holiday (they were 11 months), and this past holiday (23 months). I rationalize that it's an American tradition, and I think they were too young to be scarred too badly. :) This coming holiday, just before they turn three, I figure I'll need to actually give them a choice of whether they want to sit with Santa.

    I had Easter pictures made for the first time this year...with a real bunny. The girls LOVED it! They're still talking about it. :)