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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two of the best Years!!!!

I cannot begin to describe how much our life has changed in the last two years. These two beautiful girls entered this world a bit early but they brought with them so many lessons. Two years ago, I sat in a hospital room dreaming of the day I could be released to go back home and finish the rest of my bed rest. The doctors wanted to keep me until I reached 34 weeks and then the girls were fine to come at any time and I could wait out the rest of the pregnancy.

Well that was not in God's plan. On the night of Saturday April 25th, my water broke right in my hospital bed. At first I thought is not time, but then I was excited to know I would be meeting my girls very soon. At 12:33 pm Addison was born and my dream to be a mommy had finally came true. The doctors took her away to be checked and it was time to work on getting Riley out. Luckily she was still head down but she managed to get her feet up by her head like a pancake. My doctor tried hard to get her feet pushed back but it didn't work and after a few pushes she came out in true Riley fashion...doing it "her" way entering the world 8 minutes after her sister at 12:41pm.

The first year was a blur of learning how to be parents and how to juggle taking care not one, but two infants. We had many sleepless nights and crying sessions by all involved but after some time, we all caught on. Jesse and I learned how to be parents and the girls learned how to be babies and tell us what they needed.

We were so blessed to have my sister move in with us for 6 months. She took many night time feedings so I could get some sleep and got that special time to bond with the girls while I was at work. After 6 months my mom took over the nanny position and she is still helping us out today.

Here are there 1 year photos:

I just adore how Riley is looking to her older sister

These 1 year smiles were the best!
Now I sit back and wonder where all the time has gone. We have made it another year as a family. The girls have taught us so much! They are growing each day and learning new things. Each week they are in to something new or trying something else, I can hardly keep up. They make us smile, laugh, and even cry now and again. I would not have it any other way, as this is the only way we know.

The girls had a blast at their party despite the fact that Addie had a fever. The day before the party she had a 103 fever but no other symptoms. On the party day it went down to 102 but we still don't know what caused it. She is teething but that seems a bit high for a teething fever. Addie did smile and have fun but some of the photos show that she wasn't completely herself. Hey, it was her party and she was going to cry if she wants to, right?



Happy 2nd Birthday Girls!!! Mommy and Daddy love you so much and we wish for another great year!!!

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