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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A lot going on

Life has been busy lately. I haven't had as much time to update the blog in between working, taking care of the girls, school, Jesse's new job, and a change to my schedule at work. With my position at work I have some flexibility to change my schedule. Instead of working a full day 5 days a week, I have added an extra hour to my day Monday - Friday and I am only working 4 hours on Friday. Friday, I will be done with work at 9:30 and I will spend that day doing special things with the girls. We will find some play groups, spend time with the younger cousins in the family and play with Brea's sons. I will work hard during the week to have a fun day on Friday. I just hope that getting home later than usual will not change things too much. I'm in the middle of another class in my 3rd week and I am earning an "A" again as usual. Only 3 more classes to go after this and school will be off my plate! Woohoo

Sara will be done watching the girls right before we leave for our Christmas vacation in Wisconsin. I'm happy to report that she will be starting some college classes at the community college. She wants to be a fine arts major and will be taking an English and creative writing class to start out. She will be moving back in with my parents, which I know is not the most appealing thing, but I'm sure she will transition just fine. I am very proud of her and I am so thankful we had her help during the last 6 months with the girls. My mom will be taking over watching the girls and I know this will work out well since my mom is great at being attentive to the girls and keeping them on a schedule. She stayed with us for 4 days while Sara was out of town and we got Addison back to going to bed early and getting up at a better time in the morning. She was staying up until almost 10pm and sleeping until 10 and now she is going down at 6:30 or 7:00pm and sleeping until 7:00 or 8:00am. Riley has stayed consistent with going to bed just after 6pm every night and sleeping until around 7:00am.

Jesse is really enjoying his job and he is a little sad that football season is over for the year. His classroom management is going well and he seems to be happy with his new career choice. But as always, he would love to be independently wealthy and not have to work, just volunteer here and there. Until we win the lottery, that will not be happening.

I'm so surprised that it is November already. Where has the time gone? I have started some of my Christmas shopping but I feel like I really need to get going since we are leaving to go to WI to spend Christmas and I have children to buy for this year. I still can't believe how much our life has changed this year and I love watching our girls grow and learn. If you have any recommendations on toys that would be good for our girls, leave me a comment and let me know.

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  1. I envy you having them in bed so early and admire you for continuing your education while raising your girls!