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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sweet Potatoes Anyone?

I decided to go ahead and give the girls their first taste of veggies on Friday night. I figured sweet potatos would be a good choice since they are a bit of a sweeter vegetable and that would mimic my breast milk closer than some of the other vegetables.

Sara fed Riley while I fed Addison. Riley seems to get the whole eating solids thing a little better than Addison. She made a few funny faces at first but started eating the sweet potatoes after she got a chance to taste them a little bit.

Addison was not really a fan of her first vegetable. Can we say she is taking after her Dad yet again. She has her dad's laid back disposition and she seems to have a baby adversion to her first vegetable. I think in time she will start enjoing her vegetables a little more.

Here are Riley's pictures:

And here are Addison's pictures

Can we say "ewww mommy"?

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