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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The first Thanksgiving as a family of 4

The whole family enjoyed a relaxing day as we celebrated Thanksgiving. Every year we spend Thanksgiving with the Westrum side of the family. Shannon and Dan are very gracious to open their beautiful home for the family to congregate. We do a potluck style dinner where Shannon and Dan make the turkey and the stuffing and the rest of the family brings a side item or desert. We had plenty of good food to eat and we could reflect on what a great year this has been.

The girls had a blast the whole day. They had so many loving people to hold them and play with them. They were so busy with all the new people and sights that they really didn't eat as much as they normally do in a day. That was fine for one day. There was just so much fun that we stayed most of the day and into the evening. We figured out a nap situation that worked by using Shannon's bed and a pillow fort around the girls and they each napped for an hour each. We played games and caught up with the family.

We also took several pictures but I'm not able to post just yet as we are still working through our computer problems. We got our laptop with the virus cleaned and rebuilt but we lost all of our programs in the process. I will need to find the picture loading CD to start uploading pictures to this computer. The other computer is going back into the shop today as they didn't find a problem with the intermittent internet connection problems but once we got home, the computer worked for about 5 minutes and went back to failing to connect. Hopefully we will fix that computer soon because that computer holds most of our pictures and memories. Can we say back-up the computer ASAP???

Also I wanted to say thanks to some friends who have participated in the Preemie onesie donation. We have about 50 onesies and sleepers so far and we are still expecting a few more. Mandy and Kari both sent some in the mail and Brea bought some sleepers and will be making some baby blankets out of some great fabric she bought on Black Friday. I can't wait to drop off everything and put a smile on some of the families in the NICU.

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  1. Sorry I've missed all these updates! What a wonderful thing you are doing - I am sorry I wasn't more on the ball and able to help out. - Tkeys