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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Busy Season

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done this month. Just like most people, when Christmas is around the corner, people tend to get stressed out with the madness. You add twin infants, a full time job, full time school, and a vacation to visit Jesse's family to the mix and, I am going out of my mind a little bit.

I just completed a another class towards finishing my MBA and I earned another "A". Woohoo for me!!! Now I only have 3 classes left but the bad news is, I am now taking the most difficult class of my program, "Masters level statistics". Like I have said before, math and I don't get along and statistics and I haven't been friends in the past. I am just hoping to get by in this class rather than killing myself for an A. I have a 3.85 GPA and I'm not too worried about what a C will do to my overall GPA, but I will have to study study study to keep up in this class. I will get a 2 week break for Christmas starting the 21st, but I have to find time to complete the first 3 weeks with all the other activities going on.

On to my next stress, "Christmas Shopping". This year I am not doing too terribly bad. I have all of Jesse's Christmas and Birthday presents bought and hidden away. I'm sure that Jesse hasn't even started, but what man is proactive on Christmas shopping anyway? I have about 2/3 of the other shopping done as well by taking advantage of online shopping. Have I said how much I love online shopping??? At least that is one area that I can get things done fast. I still have to get all the shopping done before we leave for Wisconsin on the 16th and I am stressing about finishing in time.

My 3rd stress is getting our Christmas cards finished. We need need to get our Tree up so I can get some family shots taken. I bought the girls cute Christmas outfits and Jesse and I need to coordinate some outfits to get a good family shot. Jesse won't let us buy a fake tree for some silly reason, so I need to go get a real one and go through the trimmings to get the background presentable for the pictures. I hope I can complete all of the set up this weekend and get some good Christmas pictures.

Lastly, we need to plan and pack for the trip back to Wisconsin. This trip will be longer and more involved than our last small trip to Spokane. We will be traveling with more luggage and the girls are older and need things to entertain themselves. They aren't going to be the little babies that fall asleep on our chests for the entire plane ride. They will probably give us grief the whole way and we are not looking forward to the connecting flights and dealing with 2 airports this time. I can't even imagine how I am going to find time/ways to pump along the way either.

So here I am wondering how I am going to pull everything together. My schedule has changed at work and I am going in later, leaving me less time to see the girls each day. At least we have happy babies that are growing well and learning new things everyday. Addison is real close to sitting up on her own and she would love to be off and walking if she could figure out how to do it. Riley is doing so well at playing with her toys and grabbing on to everything around her. Her mind is constantly at work. I will be posting updated pictures soon. We get our second lap top back today so I can download all the pictures in the camera. I am just hoping I can get my homework done, finishing Christmas shopping, get out the Christmas cards, and pack for our trip, all in 2 weeks time. Wish me luck!!!

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