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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trip Details Part 1

We left for the trip to Wausau, WI on Wednesday morning. We were a little unsure of how the traveling would affect the girls, so we prepared for anything. The first leg of the trip was to take off right at the girls morning nap so either they would sleep on the plane or be very cranky. Luckily, the flight was not completely full and we had open seats around us to lay the girls down and give our arms a break now and then. The girls made it through the first flight very easy. I was even able to find time to pump before we landed. Riley nursed like a champ on the plane too, which really helped. Here are some pics of them on the plane:

Addison playing with the Starbucks cup we got to warm up the bottles:

Riley smiling away as usual:

The second leg was even easier since the flight was only 40 minutes. Both girls fell asleep. Addison was laying by Jesse and Riley fell asleep nursing. We were so proud of how well the girls did with the flying.

Addison sleeping with her mittens on and ready to go:

When we landed, Jesse's friend Greg and his wife Amy were waiting for us with their 4 year old daughter Lindsay. We were happy to see them and Lindsay was so excited to meet the girls. Amy is 7 months pregnant with their second child so the girls were a good test run to see how Lindsay would do with babies around her. Lindsay was shy at first but then started talking to the girls and giving them toys.

Here is Lindsay holding Riley:

Our first disaster came shortly after arriving. We waited for our bags and waited and waited, still no bags. We had packed all of the winter coats and gear in the suitcases to avoid carrying too much stuff on the plane. I'm thinking that because I packed that way is the reason why the airlines lost our luggage on the way there. What do you all think? We talked with the airlines and they informed us that our bags did not make it on the flight and wouldn't be coming in until later that night and they would deliver them sometimes in the middle of the night. Are you kidding me??? We had no clothes, no toiletries, no pajamas for the girls, and most of all, no car seats. All we had was some diapers and things in the diaper bag.

The airlines provided us with loaner car seats, which by the way are a complete joke. These seats were old, dirty, missing parts, and highly unsafe. At this point there was nothing we could do about the situation and our drive to Greg and Amy's house was not very far, so we bundled the girls up in Jesse's sweatshirts and stuck them in the bad car seats, and off we were to get the Greg and Amy's house.

Once we got there, Jesse's grandmother and Amy and I decided to make a Target run to get the girls a few things to make it through the night. We loaded up on a few things, got home and gave the girls a bath, and put them to bed. Greg and Amy had a pack n' play and a crib set up in our room which was very nice and the girls went to bed easily after their long day of traveling.

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  1. They look so happy - seems the traveling didn't have much impact on them! - Tkeys