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Saturday, December 26, 2009

8 months

The girls are 8 months old today. That means they have 4 more months before they turn a year old and 4 more months of me pumping full time. My pump just broke so I will be investing in another one even though I won't be using it full time after they turn a year. I plan to still pump and breast feed Riley as long as I can after they turn 1.

The girls are growing fast and keep me and Jesse on our toes most of the time. We don't have official stats, but I am sure that they are close to 17 pounds each and getting longer every day. They are really getting interested in their toys and enjoy playing most of the day.

They just enjoyed their first Christmas. I think they enjoyed the wrapping paper and tissue more than the gifts, but I'm sure the will soon enjoy all of the toys and clothes very soon. Thank you to all the family and friends that sent or gave gifts this year. We now need a big toy box to hold everything.

Unfortunately, our trip to Wisconsin got the entire family sick. Riley seems to be very sick with a cold, runny nose, and cough. She is having trouble sleeping now because she keeps getting congested. We are cleaning her nose out with the bulb syringe several times a day and keeping her on Tylenol to help her feel better. We hope she starts to feel better soon.

Addison has a runny nose and a slight cough. She seems to be doing a little better than Riley. She is sleeping more but has a smile on her face most of the day.

Jesse is very sick also. Luckily, he has another week off of work before returning to his classroom after the first of the year. I will be going back to work on Monday and I hope I feel a bit better by then.

I left my camera at a family member's house on Christmas day so I haven't been able to download any pictures from the trip. I will be doing several posts about our trip to Wisconsin, the travel troubles, and they fun we had as soon as I get the camera back.

Stay tuned.....

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  1. So glad you got to enjoy a terrific Christmas even though everyone was sick. Christmas is so different with babies!