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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Riley's Accomplishment

Both girls have been interested in using their potties, just not for going potty. We purchased their potties about a month back but they haven't been interested in them enough to actually use them. Both girls are good about letting us know when they have peed of pooped in their pants which is showing signs of understanding. I decided to bring the potties back out yesterday and get it back on their minds. This morning I also put pull up's on them just to see what would happen if I told them to tell me when they needed to go potty. Well low and behold, Riley told me about 20 minutes later that she needed to go. We pulled down her pants and she proceeded to pee right in her potty. She was so excited and so proud of herself. She got a sticker and an M&M for her efforts.

Addie is still trying. She is good at telling us right after the fact, just not before. I know that it will take time for them both to get the hang of it and I understand it will probably be a long road before they are trained. I am okay with that as it shows my babies are growing up (faster than I like).

Congratulations Miss Riley on your big accomplishment. Mommy loves you both!!!!

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  1. Good luck. Potty training can be a challenge. Jack is in a little regression period the last two weeks where he's having a ton of accidents even though he went for a couple months without them. Ugh. Fun times!