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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Terrible 2's are here in full force

What can I say??? We have two 2 year olds that are giving us a run for our money. I knew that having girls would be a little easier in the early years. Boys are rambunctious and dirty and require more attention when they are younger but then they mellow out and I think they are easier as teenagers. Girls are fun in the beginning with all the pink and bows and frilly dresses. Then they get older and hormonal and then you have a huge mess on your hands.

Well are girls are showing us just how hard things are going to be in the future. Miss Riley has such a personality. She is really letting us know when she is not happy and she is throwing the best fits when she doesn't get her way. After our Zoo trip on Monday, she screamed and cried because I went upstairs to take a bath. Jesse finally gave in and let her come up stairs by me. Then she threw an even bigger fit when I would not allow her to get into the bath with me. She was screaming and yelling and trying so despretely to take her diaper off to get in with me. Jesse came in to take her back down stairs. He tried to take her outside to change her scenery and get her focused on something else but he learned that didn't work and was worried the neighbors were going to call CPS on us so he brought her back inside. It took a good 20 minutes to get her calmed down but she finally did. Now these fits seem to be happening several times a day.

Addison is not as bad as Riley but she still gets pretty upset if lets say....she can't get into the pantry and chose her own snack. If I had two Riley's I would be pulling my hair out with the fits so it is nice that Addison balances things out with a happy smile. Now I love my little full of life child Riley, but that girl is going to give me a run for my money for many years to come.

We also have another problem. The girls have learned how to get over the baby gate at the bottom of the stais. Riley grabs one of her small bins that holds their toys and boosts her self over the gate. Addison can just get herself right over with no help. Now as first time parents, this scares us a bit. Jesse is more concerned about them falling on the stairs but I am concerned about the girls going into the bedrooms upstairs that are not as baby proof. We will have to figure something out here soon so if anyone has any ideas out there to help, let us know.

So that is it for now, terrible 2's and clibing to love this life!!!


  1. Micah is giving us a run for our money with the terrible twos, too! I don't have any good answers about the temper tantrums...Micah is King of the fits these days. He says "I don't want this" and will throw a fit about foods, or insisting on watching tv or wanting to play with my iphone. It is definitely a challenge, but I think consistency is somehow important. A friend suggested making a chart with certain times of day things can be done...and trying to get them to understand that they can't do x or y until they have stars on the other areas of the chart. We still haven't tried that idea yet. As for the gate...Micah seems to be pretty safe on the stairs anymore, so I don't worry about the gate as much (for him). I think I started to feel that way over the past 2 or 3 months. We have one at the top and one at the bottom of the steps, so there are 2 hurdles for him to get through. He has a harder time with one of the gates than the other. Can they open doors? Maybe you just let them go up and down and start keeping all the doors closed upstairs? If you can keep the baskets out of the way, maybe they'll just stop climbing when the fun wears off...


  2. It's fun, isn't it? :(

    The girls were getting really bad so we sat down with one of their teachers and she gave us a lot of ideas to try out - it's gotten better since then. Not saying "xyz" is what you should do, but if you're interested I can pass some of that along. Audrey was way worse than Allie but eventually Allie started picking things up from her, so it was time to try something new.

    How tall is the gate? We have an extra tall one we found at petsmart that they have yet to get over.

  3. It gets worse!?!?! We are in the stage of fits now and I am scared for the terrible twos! Please pass on any advice that worked and lots of luck with the two 2 year olds!