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Monday, August 1, 2011

Not much to report

Time is just passing us by. I don't have much to report but I feel like I should be posting more to the blog. The girls are growing each day and doing new things. I love that they are talking up a storm and learning their numbers. They just adore reading books and spending time with mommy and daddy.

Jesse started a new position as a full time instructor for Grand Canyon University. His new schedule is 12pm to 8pm Monday-Friday. He will have a few hours in the morning to spend with the girls but will miss out in the evenings as the girls are going to bed around 8pm. We may try to keep them up an extra half hour say they can say goodnight to daddy.

I am also working a 2nd job as an instructor at The Bryman College. I teach in the evenings 5-8pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings. I would also like to see the girls go to bed a little later so I can say good night as well. I don't plan to teach every month so I can minimize the nights I am away from home but I am enjoying being able to get experience as an instructor so later on I can teach the online courses and be home with the girls in the evenings.

I just adore the silly things the girls say and the sweet things they do. Today I walked down stairs for my first night of my 2nd class. I had on a black dress. Addie looked at me and said, "Mommy wear a pretty dress". That was so sweet. Both girls give each other hugs and kisses and they like to take care of one another. They will get food or grab the other's sippy cup for each other. Now, they also take things from each other and will get mad a hit here and there. We are trying to teach them good behavior and for the most part, they do really well.

They are very into Disney characters and movies. We record as many as the Disney Channel puts on and the girls have many Disney characters to play with. They are very excited for the big Disney trip which is only 4 weeks and 5 days away.

I have a few pictures of the story time the girls participated in when we went to the book store. We only stayed few minutes because the girls had trouble sitting still. They kept wanting mommy or daddy to read a book and didn't seem to understand that the story teller was reading the book. I'm sure as they get a little order they will understand and sit for an entire story. Until then we will just keep trying and reading our own books at home.

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  1. I wish my girls would sit still long enough to attempt story time. I'm sure they would love it if they tried :) Your girls are super cute!