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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Phone conversations

The girls are having more phone conversations with me. I am sad about this fact but at least I can hear their sweet voices while I am working away. Today I called to check in on my mom and the girls. First of all, they slept until almost 8am!!!! That is right folks, the girls are doing so much better with their early morning wake up times. We moved their afternoon nap out an hour which was recommended to us from a friend who studies sleep patterns in children and makes recommendations. But wait, it gets better. Then the girls took a nap from 12pm until almost 3pm!!! Holy cow! This is amazing. I am hoping that my mom can keep the girls up until 8:30 when I get home so I can give them a kiss and put them to bed. *crossing my fingers they make it*

Back to the phone conversation. Addie asked to talk to me so my mom handed her the phone, She screams "Hi Mommy" oh how I love that sweet voice. Then I asked her what she was doing and she answers back "Gmama" which is code for playing with grandma. Then I asked her what she had for lunch, she answers, "apples" (they really had Mac n' Cheese), but cute nonetheless. Riley wanted to get on the action after Addie was done. Riley gets on the phone and says, "Hiya mommy" She can't really just say hi, it always comes out Hiya, which is so darn cute. I asked her the same questions and I didn't get much of a response from her as she tried to walk away from the phone while she was talking to me. She is silly. I just love these little conversations and the fact they can communicate on the phone now. I just have to make it through the next 3 1/2 weeks and then I will be home at night for at least a full month. There is also some possible job changes in my future. I hope to post more about these opportunities in the next week or so. Basically I am interviewing for 2 different positions and I will know what happens after these interviews are complete.

I will leave you with two silly pictures. I hope nobody takes offense to them but I thought they were super cute. The girls were outside in the morning and the sprinklers turned on. They wanted to go play in them so they took their panties off and went at it. I didn't get pictures of their naked bums until they were done running but these are the two I got:

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