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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Back to my home away from home...

Yep....I am back in the hospital. This is my third admission and they are telling me I need to stay here until I reach 34 weeks. Bleh!

Yesterday I went in for the FFN test and more monitoring like they asked me to. The bleeding had stopped and I just had some brown discharge. Well I went in and they weren't going to do the FFN test at first because any blood on the swab can give a false positive. So they just started with an NST on the girls and during that time I had a bunch of contractions. Well of course I contract a bunch when they lay me on my back on the hard triage beds with several straps around my belly.

Well the contractions were a "concern" so they called me OB on her day off and she told them to have another cervical length done. They take me to ultrasound and the bad news is that my cervix went from a 1.0 to a .84. So this really got them scared so I got my one way ticked back to the antepartum department. I haven't actually seen my OB about the situation but her partner is the one that said I would be here for a while and they want to get me to 34 weeks before they think about releasing me "again".

I was so mad yesterday that they let me go after the bleeding and then they admit me for contractions the next day. Oh and the FFN test came back negative by the way. I guess my pregnancy hormones are not having anymore of this bed rest, hospital stay, back to bed rest, back to hospital stay. I want my girls as healthy as possible but I can't stand being here.

So there is my update for now. Maybe I will know more on Monday when my OB is back.


  1. I'm sorry this is such a terrible experience for you Amy!

    Feel free to be grumpy... :)

  2. Hi Amy,

    How are you doing? What is the latest?