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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day One

The girls are 1 day old today. Last night after I went to see them in the NICU after delivery, I had to go back to my postpartum room to recover as I was so exhausted that I couldn't even concentrate on what the nurses were telling me about the status of our girls. I went back to my room to learn how to start pumping my breast milk to be sent to the NICU for the girls to eat. I slept some of the night and woke up to pump what little amount of colostrum I could. I woke up early on Day 1, showered, ate a little breakfast and then walked myself up to the NICU. I was a little sore but nothing was keeping me from seeing my babies.

I got up to the NICU and met our day nurse Laurie. She explained that both girls were on CPAP which is pressurized air that inflates the girls lungs to keep them from working too hard. The CPAPs used forced room air to keep the lungs inflated. They both had IV's to get sugar water and electrolytes into the girls and they would begin feeding in a day or so. Once they were ready to feed, they would get my breast milk and formula through a feeding tube until they are able to nipple off of a bottle. Traditionally, babies don't have the suck, breathe, and swallow reflex until around 34 weeks gestation or so. It would be at least a week or so before the girls start trying to eat without the use of the feeding tubes.

I went to each issolette and I got to touch my babies and talk to each one of them. Just as I was getting ready to hold them I started feeling light headed and I had to sit down. At this point the nurse thought it would be safer to have me wait to hold them. I waited for Jesse to get to the hospital and he was able to hold Addison for the first time. We came back later in the day and I was able to hold Riley.

We learned that the girls would be on a care schedule of every three hours and they would get their temp taken, diaper changed, face cleaned and the nurse would listen to their hearts, lungs, and bellies. The parents are shown how to change the diapers and take their temps and eventually how to help in their feedings. So although the girls are so small, we learned how to move them and touch them in order to help in their care.

My emotions were of pure joy that girls were finally here and they seem to be stable even though they were born 7 weeks early. We were given a 2-3 week time frame before the girls would come home with us.

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  1. That is wonderful news! It sounds like they are doing so well and that they are being well-cared for. It is great that you will be able to participate in that process and take over more and more as they grow. My friend who had her son at 31 weeks just brought him home after 3 1/2 weeks in the NICU - I bet you'll have those girls home on the earlier side - they seem to be so strong and doing well for coming so early. - Tess