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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birth Story

On Saturday April 25th I woke up not feeling like myself. I was a little sick to my stomach and I was very tired. I went back to sleep after my morning monitoring which I normally didn't do. I slept until noon when lunch came. I then spent 3 hours trying to work on my homework and I was feeling contractions throughout the day but they didn't seem to have a rhythm to them at all. In the afternoon I took another nap until dinner came. I didn't eat much of my dinner and I still felt a little sick.

The night nurse came in to check on my and I told her I had been feeling crampy all day and the contractions were becoming more painful. She put me on the contraction monitor and during the hour I had 8 contractions and I was starting to feel the pain as they came. At that point the nurse wasn't too concerned but I told her about the cramps and the pain and she decided to call the doctor on call to see what they wanted to do since I could not take any more terb shots and I had denied anymore Magnesium.

The doctor said to have the nurse check me to see if I was starting to dilate. They checked me and I was still really closed but about 95% effaced. At this point they told me to drink a bunch of water to help slow down the contractions. After an hour, I got up to go pee from all the water. I finished in the bathroom and went to climb into bed. At that point, my water broke in a small gush. At first I didn't think it was my water so I got up to go pee again and a second burst came at that point.

I called the nurses in and they quickly got me back into bed and tested my fluid to make sure the fluid was amniotic fluid. I called Jesse and the family to let them know what had happened. The test came back positive so it was off to Labor and Delivery. I got settled in L&D and I could feel the contractions coming but they were not bad in the beginning. The nurse said I could take some pain medication at any time. I labored for about 2 hours and then requested the pain medication.

A few hours later the nurse checked me and told me I was 6cm dilated and they needed to call anesthesia right away to get my epidural. Since I was having twins, I had to have the epidural in case an emergency c-section was needed. After I got the epidural I felt much better. I did get sick from the pain meds/epidural and threw up 2-3 times through out the night. I was able to sleep off and on.

The nurse came back to check me and this time she had a weird look on her face. She called in another nurse to check me. Well come to find out, I was only 2-3 cm dilated. The 1st nurse didn’t know what she was doing. The doctor came in shortly after and stretched my cervix to about 5cm. I then went back to sleep and a few hours later I was at 8-9cm. They thought it would be another couple of hours before I got to 10cm, but 30 minutes later they checked me again and there was only a small part of my cervix left. She had me push and I became complete.

Although my doctor was off for the weekend she did say she wanted to deliver me and came in right away. I was set up in the OR with the neonatal team ready to help the girls. I started pushing and in 4-5 rounds of pushing, I delivered Addison. They put her on my chest and Jesse cut her cord. They took her away to start cleaning her off. Quickly they did an ultrasound and Riley was head down but she also had her feet by her head. My doctor had me push and she tried to move her feet. She then had me push again and Riley came out head first with her feet by her face like a pancake. She was crying and they put her on my chest and Jesse cut her cord as well. In 10 minutes and a few short pushes, I brought my girls into the world.

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