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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy 10 Months Girls!!!

My girls are 10 months today. They are growing into such beautiful girls. I can't get over how much I love being a mom and seeing those bright smiles every time I enter into a room. Sure, there are hard days and days when I don't get enough sleep or enough down time but as soon as I see those sweet faces I forget about how tired I am.

Addison my first born is our happy child. She always has a smile and a laugh for you. She is content with playing by herself and loves to learn new things.

- she is working on teething but has not cut any teeth yet
- is very close to crawling. She gets up on all fours rocks back and forth and scoots backwards but hasn't learn to go forward yet
- is still 100% breastfed
- loves to eat puffs, bananas, green beans, and applesauce. She eats some table foods and prefers if you feed her
- is making many sounds, has said dadda briefly but hasn't put any other words together yet
- doesn't like to be touched by her sister, LOL
- loves bath time
- is wearing mostly 12 month clothes but some 9 month clothes still fit fine

Riley my second born is our child full of fire. She loves to express herself through various sounds. She insists on saying "dadda" all the time and doesn't want to say mamma yet.

- she has 2 full teeth in and just cut her 3rd
- loves to roll on the ground but doesn't have much interest in trying to crawl
- is 100% breastfed
- loves puffs, cheese, yogurt, bananas, and anything she can pick up and put in her mouth. Prefers to feed herself
- loves to go shopping with mommy
- intently thinks about things before moving forward
- doesn't like to sit in one place too long
- loves bath time
- is wearing the same 12 month clothes as her sister

Plans are in the works for their 1st birthday. I am so excited yet so sad that a year has almost passed. Sometimes I wish tomorrow would come faster but most of the time I wish time would slow down so I can hold each moment for just a little longer.

Happy 10 months girls!!!


  1. how has it been 10 months already?!?

    They are so adorable and sweet girls!!!

    Love that picture of Riley with your cat in the background - the expression on both of their faces is priceless!

  2. Aren't the differences fun to watch? Allie also has no interest in crawling.

    either of mine says "mama" either (I thought they were but turns out it's trying to say mum-mum so seems food is their number one priority)