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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Monday, February 22, 2010

Not much going on

Things have been busy for us lately, so much so that I haven’t had much time to update the blog. Mostly, there has not been much in the ways of updates either leaving me with little to say. Homework has been killing me and school and homeowrk has been doing the same to Jesse. Also, the girls and I all got a pretty nasty cold starting last week. Poor Addison has been hit with it the hardest. I feel for my little babies that can’t blow their noses and take care of the congestion themselves. Instead we are chasing after Addie with a Kleenex and the bulb syringe most of the day, just so she can breathe and eat as close to normal as possible. Riley has been doing much better only requiring a little attention to her nose with the syringe.

We are starting to get into planning mode. The girls will be a year old in 2 short months. That’s right, they are turning 10 months this week and then it is just 2 months until my babies turn 1. We are planning the 1st birthday party with the help of my friends Brea and Trinity. We are hoping to do the party at a park and invite a bunch of family and friends to celebrate. Brea will be helping with the decorations and planning while Trinity will be hand making their invitations.

We are also planning our trip to go out and meet Trinity and her family. My good friend Trinity and I have been online friends for over 2 years now and we went through infertility together and ended up conceiving our girls around the same time. Trinity beat me to pregnancy by one short month but I had her show her a thing or two and I delivered my girls early just shy of a week before she delivered her daughter. We have so much in common and it is only right that we finally meet in person. The girls, Jesse, and I will be flying out to Texas to stay with her family next month on the 12th. Jesse will be meeting up with some of his online gaming friends that live in Texas and the girls and I will enjoy some shopping and fun.

In May we will be taking the girls to San Diego / Oceanside for a real visit. We were there on Christmas Eve during our flight mishap but the girls didn’t get to enjoy our family vacation spot and we didn’t even have time to take them to the ocean. We will be staying there for a week with my parents in a nice 2 bedroom condo on the beach. I’m so excited to show them the beach and our family’s vacation spot. They will be meeting their Great Grandma Barb as well as some other close Haasis family members. We will be making the 6 hour drive instead of flying and we are praying the girls do well on the trip. They did okay in December but they were over tired from the flight disaster so maybe this time will be easier. We plan to stop often and enjoy the drive rather than trying to get to San Diego as fast as possible.

Wish us luck on all of these exciting trips and milestones.


  1. I'm in a birthday party planning rut - no idea what to do for invites or anything. Running out of time :p

    Ugh -hope you guys all start feeling better.
    Your my idol with the trips :) I'm still nowhere ready for airplane travel or long car rides with twins. (Ours are not big fans of the car - yours do ok?)

  2. I'm sorry you got sick - those bulb things always just pissed Micah off! Have fun on your travels. I'm amazed the girls are about to turn 1!! The time really does fly right by.

    As for doing a 6 hour drive - our "trick" if you can handle staying awake - is to put Micah to bed in the car around 7 or 7:30 pm and drive at night. We give him dinner and his meds/bottle and take off. He usually falls asleep in the first 15 minutes, and since he is normally used to sleeping and not needing to stop for diaper changes/eating/anything at that time, he usually will sleep through. When we arrive, DH will run into wherever we are staying and quickly set up the pack n play and the video camera and we move him in. Most of the time, we can transfer him without waking him up. Sometimes, he likes to wake up and see what is going on and play a bit before going back to sleep, but it really works out better for us. We've done 3 hour day trips, and found that we are constantly needing to stop and feed him and he gets mad and wants to get out and play, so daytime traveling by car is tougher for us. Good luck! - Tkeys

  3. I hope you guys have fun with Trinity and her P's! I am jealous of all these trips and meeting all the SK's girls. You are so brave to travel so much with them. I don't think we are ready to brave a plane ride.