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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I bet you would never believe that a family with twin toddlers is busy but seriously, our days just fly by. Jesse is now the head volleyball coach at his school and this takes him away from the family in the evenings and he often doesn't get home until really late. Jesse is also being forced to take a community college course on literature by the school administration even though he has a masters degree in Education and is state certified to teach English. So this is forcing him to get home late every Monday night in addition to the other days that the volleyball team has practice or games.

I'm working 11 hour shifts Monday - Thursday with a half day on Friday and a half day on Saturday to help jump start our debt repayment plan. We have done well so far by paying off 3 credit cards and we are about to start attacking our line of credit. It feels good to make such great progress but this mama is tired!!! We are also putting our house on the market right before Labor Day and we have some clutter to get through, a garage sale to put together, and a few improvements to finish.

In an effort to keep this mama sane we are looking to hire a mother's helper / Babysitter to help out on a few evenings a week and an occasional weekend day or date night for Jesse and I. I will also be starting my 2nd masters program and I want to take this at the ground campus rather than online so I will be gone 1 night a week for class and Jesse will need help with the girls. We have interviewed one lady so far that has twin experience and preemie experience which is a big plus! She has more experience probably than what we need but she is having trouble finding full time work so she is willing to help us out until she finds some thing full time and even then she may still be able to help us. Her references check out great and the girls seemed to like her. We are interviewing a high school senior this weekend and have a few more interviews to set up.

The girls have never been in the care of a stranger before so this is all new to me and I hope we find the perfect person to be our helper. If anyone local knows anyone that can help us out too, feel free to let us know.

In baby news, Riley is teething her premolars and she is cranky throughout the day and is waking up several times at night which is no fun at all. Addison is sweet as can be and she is taking more steps every day. She works hard with her walker during the day and I bet we will have her walking full time here soon.

So that is the Prather news for now.

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