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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Twin Facts

This weekend is twins weekend and the 34th Annual Twins Days Festival kicks off in Twinsburg, OH. I know we can't make it out to this festival any time soon, but I think the girls would love to go to this when they get older to meet other sets of twins and celebrate the fact they are twins and they share that special connection with other 100,000 new twin births every year.

The states with the largest concentration of twin births each year include:
- Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey

Ironically, the states with the lowest number of twin births include
- Arizona, Alaska, and New Mexico

Although fertility drugs play a big role in the incline of twin births nation wide, and we are a part of that statistic. A combination of the fertility drug Clomid and IUI produced our precious fraternal twin girls.

IGBO-ORA Africa has the highest concentration of twin births at 4x the national occurrence of twin births. Researchers think that a diet rich of the Cassava plant is what leads to the high number of twin births.

Pretty nifty stuff!

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