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Thursday, October 21, 2010

58 Degrees and Raining....>Woohoo

Finally Phoenix has got the memo that is fall and the weather is starting to change!!! I am so excited to see rain and feel the cooler air after still experiencing 90 degree temps in October. On the way to work today the temp in my car said 58 degrees and I instantly got excited. It doesn't rain very often in Phoenix so it is a nice change of pace although Arizona drivers don't know what to do when water is falling from the sky. They either drive like maniacs and cause accidents left and right, or they drive like a snail because they are too scared of water on the roads. After living in the Pacific Northwest for 9 years, I know a thing or two about driving in rain and even snow but the drivers in AZ have no clue at all.

Some other updates for everyone, Riley now has Roseola. It is funny to see her break out with the virus after Addie had it back in August. Riley had about 3 days of a high temperature and she was very lethargic and cranky. Then yesterday you could see the rash begin to start and she was almost back to her normal self. It was rough couple of days because all she wanted to do was be held by one of us, sleep extra naps during the day and then wake up several times at night which we are not used to after having them sleep through the night for so long. I'm glad the worst is over.

I had to make some decisions about how busy my life was and I decided that I could no longer coach the gymnastics classes. Somehow I ended up teaching 7 classes a day on 4 different days and that was pulling me away from the girls more than I wanted. I enjoyed the gymnastics classes so much but I hated leaving the girls so often. They barely saw me one week after I had several late nights at the gym. So I decided to put in my two weeks last weekend. I needed to prepare for starting my next Masters program and being away from the girls 5 days a week was not going to be an option. I started my first class last night and I have to say that I was completely thrilled with the subject matter and I found myself enjoying being in class for the 1st time. I have had other classes that I enjoyed but it was still school. The 4 hours that I spent in class last night felt like enjoyable. My program is a Masters in Adult Education and Training and last night we learned about the history of education. It makes me wonder if Jesse enjoyed his program as much as I am enjoying mine. We will have to have some good conversations here soon.

Tomorrow is my sister Sara's 22nd birthday! We will be celebrating tonight with dinner out with the family.

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