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Monday, October 11, 2010

They are learning so much

I really love this age. The girls can communicate with us, they listen (well some of the time), they respond to questions and tasks, and they smile and give us kisses all the time.

I still miss my little babies but I love watching my girls grow into beautiful little people with minds of their own. You can almost see their minds at work as they try new things and understand how things work around them. Riley is obsessed with turning lights out. After her bath I always let her turn out the hall light when we are done. She gets this big smile on her face as we walk down the hall. She would throw a holy fit if I didn’t let her so I let her do this every night. Addison loves taking the caps off of all my bathroom lotions and potions. If she knows I am taking a bath, she will run in there and help me put the caps on and off of all the things I am using. I have to be careful though or she may run off with them. Riley also likes to partake in the bottle cap games.

Both girls just recently learned how to blow kisses. I started doing this to them and they will put their hands to their mouths and attempt to blow you the kiss back. It just melts my heart to see them do that.

The girls are really getting into football season with us. They love to cheer for the Redskins and clap when they score a touchdown. I think they have a little ESP going on because they tend to know when a good play is coming up because they start cheering before the play begins, and often they are right on.

If I tell them that we need to get ready to go “bye bye” they will run to the basket where their shoes are and start trying to put their shoes on themselves.

They are obsessed with ice. If anyone goes into the refrigerator, the girls will come running and they absolutely have to have a piece of ice to suck on. Luckily we liked the crushed ice and they can get a little piece that won’t allow them to choke.

Both girls know what it means to wash their hair. They will walk around the house and I will ask them to wash their hair and they will start pretending to wash their hair. So stinking cute!

Riley loves to help me do the laundry. She will put all the clothes from the washer into the dryer and then she waits around for me to fold the clothes. She will then take the piles into the specific rooms or to daddy or grandma if I ask her to.

Addison’s favorite word is no. If you ask her any question she will say no or shake her head. I love to ask her if she wants a bag of candy and she always tells me “no”. If only this would last when she actually learns what candy is.

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  1. Love to read about the girls progress! Teach them a few more chores and you can relax a bit while they clean...LOL!