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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, October 17, 2010

End of Summer BBQ

It is sad to say that we are still experiencing summer like conditions here in Phoenix but we are finally on the downswing into cooler temperatures. Thank goodness!!! To celebrate the change, we got together with family at Aunt Shannon's house. It was also Aunt Jennie's birthday along with a few other birthdays that were missed and coming up. The girls just love being around all the family but they are so shy when we first get there. Eventually they warmed up and got passed around to visit all the family members. They had a blast playing on the trampoline and pushing the big ball around the backyard.

I enjoy those family get-togethers so much. In a society that gravitates towards material things, it is just nice to sit back and make good family memories.

Riley visiting with Aunt Shannon and Jennie

Sarah and Riley

Jesse and Addison

The Moore's have a pet turtle and the girls got to touch and check out this neat creature. They still think every animal is a kitty since we have 3 cats in our house. Anytime any other animal is around them or in a book or on TV, the girls say "kitty" we try to correct them but it is so darn cute to see them say that.
Here is Riley getting to know the Turtle:



Addie and Daddy


Addie and Sara

And this is what happens when you try to pose both girls together. I am serious...this is how so many of our photos turn out. Riley was not having it at all.

But then she gave us a goofy grin

Mommy and Riley

Mommy and Addie

Mommy and both girls

Addie playing with the big ball

Addie and Cousin Nick playing together, so much fun!


  1. HA! I laugh when you say 'sad to say its summer like weather'...
    we've been in the 40-50's here is WA.
    I MISS summer :)

    Looks like the BBQ was so much fun!!!

  2. SOOO Cute - looks like you all had such a great time :) Love the turtle!!

    In CO we had friends that had a couple turtles, they would hibernate in the dirt every winter and thaw out and run around again HAHA in spring - so ODD! - I bet it doesn't get that cold there to do that!