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Monday, January 10, 2011

More Addison and Riley Talk

Boy oh boy are these girls talking up a storm. They went from saying their key 10-12 words to repeating almost everything we say in a matter of a week. It is the cutest thing to hear them try each word. Some they get right to the syllable and others they are way off but they are trying.

Riley loves to say her sisters name. She walks around saying "Addie, Addie". We try to get both girls to say Riley but they both won't even try. Addie is now saying "mommy" instead of just "mama". That just melts my heart.

They are always asking where mommy and daddy are while we are at work. Once we get home they start asking where Nana and Papa are. They are questioning things and I can just see their little minds at work. They are putting two words together often and we can really communicate with them now.

On a sad note, Addie is sick again. She has her congestion back and a fever this time. I hope this is short-lived and she feels better soon. She is on a Tylenol rotation with extra love and cuddles.


On a note for me, I am getting myself and the house back on a healthy lifestyle. The first of the year I went on a diet and exercise plan. I feel bad because I gained back all but 5 pounds of the weight I lost last spring. I knew it was time for a lifestyle change not just a quick fix. I love all of the advice, products, books, and exercise routines that the Biggest Loser uses. I am following some of the meal plan from the 30 Day Jump Start Program and I doing the workouts from Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred. I just love the way I feel and I want the girls to be active and eating better quality food. So far into the program I am down almost 5 pounds and I know I am gaining muscle at the same time.

This is the Prather report for now. I hope everyone is enjoying the new year and 2011 is a year to remember.

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  1. I love when they start talking and saying the other kid's name. Mommy would melt my heart too. They are just getting too big!