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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Turning 21.....months that is

The girls are now 21 months old. Can you believe it is just 3 short months away from their 2nd Birthday???? I can't understand where the time has gone. We have 2 happy toddlers running around and keeping us busy. They are so curious about their surroundings and they learn new things everyday. They are very into playtime and love going to the park with mama. They don't even need me to go up the stairs and down the slides with them. Sniff Sniff.

Their vocabulary is growing more and more everyday. They love to say all the names of their family members. Addison has to go through the list of family members every day to ask where each member is. She loves to say her Aunt Sara's name which sounds something like "yara" but it is so darn cute. Riley loves to say her sister's name and always asks where Addie is when ever Addie is not in the room. They are attached to each other and follow each other around.

It is great that they can entertain each other for short periods of time and we don't have direct their playtime as much. I can see them getting into trouble with each other very soon. They are understanding right from wrong and when they should not do things but I see Riley leading some of the naughty things and Addison going right along with it. Lord help us when they get older. LOL

Each day the girls amaze me with something new they are doing, saying, or understanding. I just love the changes and the little girls they are growing up to be. I want time to slow down a little bit because it is moving a tad too fast for me, but I can be happy with their progress knowing they are doing so well.

Happy 21 months girls!!! It will be a long time until your real 21st birthday so enjoy the fun you get this month.

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  1. Wow! So fun to peek into our future. I've often wondered if I would be able to take the girls to the park this summer. Right now they just run in different directions and so it's tough. I hope they are like your girls and want to play at the park and not run off from me. By the time it's warm here ... they will be about 21 here's hoping. Your girls look so cute and grown up!

  2. Cute pics! We had one day in the last three weeks warm enough for a playground trip. :(

    They love independence at this age, it seems. Allie wants no help at all with stairs.

  3. Wow! I can't believe they are almost two years old! Where did the time go??