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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Newest Family Member

We knew we wanted to get another dog after we lost Matti at the end of my pregnancy. We missed having a dog around the house but we wanted to get used to parenthood and taking care of twins before we got another dog. The last few months, the girls were really interested in dogs and they called every dog they saw "Bubba". Jesse found a dog online from rescue name Bubba and showed the girls and since then, every dog's name was Bubba.

We thought we would get a Boxer because Jesse had one when he was younger and was interested in that breed. We met a dog from the rescue and soon found out that those dogs were too hyper for our girls. While we were in PetSmart visiting the Boxer rescue, another rescue was there with a dog with the best temperament. The dog let the girls pet him and he would roll over on his belly when they were petting him. It was adorable to see the girls with the dog so we put in an application for him.

Later in the week we got the call that we could adopt the dog! We were thrilled and they brought him to our house last week. I had wanted to post about it right away but we lost our camera cord for a little while. I found it this morning so I had to get on here and show you all our "Bbuba"

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