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Monday, March 28, 2011

Addie and Riley-isms

(Sorry this post won't allow me to have breaks in between paragraphs. I can add the breaks and then when I post, the whole thing goes together in one long paragraph) There are so many things the girls do that just make me laugh, smile, or even get angry. They are the neatest little people I know. Both girls are really concerned with owies. They notice scrapes and cuts from 10 miles away. Lately I have been really horrible at my leg shaving and I have several cuts to show for my lack of paying attention. The girls are very concerned about these cuts and need to point them out and say "Ouch" every time they see a cut one me. Riley now wants to kiss my booboo's when she sees a cut. I showed her that kissing the scrapes makes them feel better so she always has to give my cuts a kiss. It is so darn cute. Riley even has to kiss her own scrapes and owies. You can see her bending over to kiss her own knees or pulling her feet up to her mouth to kiss a cut. That girl is flexible just like her mama. I even caught Addie trying to do the splits yesterday so maybe both of them will want to get into gymnastics. Both girls are obsessed with taking their baths. They ask to go take a bath all hours of the day. If we tell them it is not bath time, they cry....literally cry because they can't go take a bath. I probably get asked for a bath at least 10 times between the hours of 5:30 and 6:30pm as they know it is getting close to that time. We take them up for their bath at 6:45 and they are usually in bed by about 7:15. During their bath they love to play with their bath toys, splash each other, and we usually read books while they are in the bath. It is easier to get their attention in the bath and they just love sitting in the water and listening to stories. Both girls are AMAZING at going to sleep. We hardly ever hear them after putting them to bed. If we do, it is just a little talking back and forth and then it is peace and quiet. I am so thankful for our girls who love to go to bed. I am hoping to maybe see if we can put them to bed a little later and see if that equates to a later wake up time but I seriously doubt that will happen at this point. Riley is my early riser and I don't know if she will "learn" how to sleep in. Addie does better and likes her morning sleep. Riley is our baby wipe thief. If you happen to leave the box of baby wipes on the floor after a diaper change, you will soon regret that decision. She will have half the box ripped out and she will be busy cleaning the house with her wet wipes. I am thankful that she loves to clean but it gets a little expensive if she uses half a box. Addison is our girl who loves to take out toys and make a mess while Riley is running after her cleaning things up. Just tonight Addison thought it would be fun to rip up a piece of tissue into a million pieces all over the living room floor. Once Riley saw this, she picked up every single piece and brought them to me. I love how these girls complement each other. I don't see them having the ability to share a room when they are older because Addie will love her mess and Riley will be going insane trying to clean it all. Who knows...maybe that will work out well for them. Addison loves to make sentences...and by this we mean she likes to say several words or names over and over again. I think she believes she is having conversation with you but it usually goes like this, Mommy: "Addie where is daddy?" Addie: Aount know (I don't know)...then she goes, Mama (grandma), Papa, Nana, Sara. She just strings along a bunch of words and we just love to listen to her. Both girls are learning their ABC's and 123's. We are trying to teach them but all they pick up on is "A" and "B" and 8, 9. Hopefully they will get more soon. The thing that aggravates us the most is Addison loves to throw rocks out in the backyard. This isn't so bad if she isn't hurting anyone else but she likes to throw the rocks into the grass where the landscape people have to deal with countless rocks as they are mowing the lawn. If you tell Addison to stop, she will just laugh at you and keep on with her rock throwing. I think some time outs or some discipline is in order here soon. Wish us luck with that. Riley makes us mad when we tell her it is time for a diaper change and that is cue for her to run as fast as she can to get as far away from us as possible and she laughs the whole time. Boy oh boy these girls are silly and we love the ups and downs. I hope to keep track of more of their funny things and remember to write them on the blog more often.

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