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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Addison and Riley's first trip to the Zoo!!!

We took the girls to the Phoenix Zoo for the first time last weekend. It was a beautiful (almost) spring day and we really enjoyed the family time. We met Papa, Nana, and Aunt Sara at the zoo and we all traveled together looking at animals and, ridding on the carousel, and petting the goats.

All dressed up and ready to get into the Zoo

Riley took the fun way in by ridding on Grandpa's lap
After spending some time at the carousel, we made our way into the kids area and found the petting zoo. The girls had fun petting the goats and talking to the animals. I think they were a little overwhelmed at first but they quickly got right into the action.

Addie and Sara checking out a goat
Both girls

Addie giving us a goofy grin

Riley and Sara checking out a brown goat


Then we headed off to the play area and we found a statue of a cow so we put the girls up there for some photos....

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the play kids area where the girls played with the statue animals and went down the slides.

Sara having fun with her nieces!!!

The first trip was great and we hope to get to the zoo again before it gets too hot or again in the fall.

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  1. How fun! Hope you get to spend lots more time at the zoo!