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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Jumping Beans!!!

My little girls have figured out how fun jumping is. I think they learned how to jump from Mickey’s Play House. They love this TV show and yes, I do let them watch this show. They have learned their colors, some numbers, and shapes from this show and now they are jumping around the house just like the Mickey crew does at the end of the show. They sing “Hot Dog” and jump around at the end of the show. They are so cute as they jump around, scream and occasionally run into each other. I hope they don’t hurt each other too much but Jesse and I just get a kick out of their “performances”.

I will have to get a video here soon of their abilities so you can all see how cute they are.

Their favorite things to do consist of going to the park everyday when I get home from work….this will only last until the weather gets too hot in Phoenix. They also love watching Mickey Mouse and Caillou on PBS kids. They love to help wash and rinse the dishes and play with the bubbles. They have so much fun playing outside and trying to ride their tricycles. Their legs are not quite long enough yet but they try every day. They love sitting in our laps and getting individual attention and spending time with mommy and daddy. I will be sad when they are older and we are not as exciting to them as we are now. But for now, we just love playing with them and letting them learn so much!

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