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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hospital Day 13...6 Days until I am parolled

Now that I am into my 27th week of pregnancy, I only have days left until I get to go home and continue bed rest at in my own bed/couch. Monday should be the day but there are a number of factors that could change my release date.

Starting tomorrow I will have daily NST's (non stress tests) on the babies to make sure they are holding up fine in their confined space that keeps getting smaller by the day. Friday I will have my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. Then on Saturday I will have a growth scan and cervical length scan. If all checks out fine, I will get my walking papers for the time being. I will continue to stay on the same medication and hope my contractions are very few and far between. I'm still optimistic that I will get the girls to a healthy gestational age and they won't have a very long NICU stay.

Even though I want the girls to stay put, I really can't wait to meet them and get to know them. I dream about them almost every night and in my dreams, Riley looks more like me and Addison takes after Jesse. I'm sure they both will be very beautiful and happy girls!

I want to give a special thanks to my BFF Brea. She came to visit yesterday and she pampered me with a pedicure. She went all out with the sea salt type scrub and the lotion massage and painted my toes and put little butterflies on my big toes. My pedicure looked like a professional took care of me. I don't know how I will ever repay here but maybe if she has another child I will take her out and pay for her pedicure as I don't can't paint nails to save my life.

Wednesday is Jesse and my 3rd wedding anniversary. I'm bummed that we have to spend the day in the hospital. At least I know next year will be better and we will be so happy to be a family of 4.


  1. Awww how lovely of Brea to do that for you, you are blessed with great family and friends. I hope you and Jesse enjoy your anniversary. It does stink to be in the hospital, but there is a pretty amazing reason that you are there and thats because you are prego with twins, so enjoy it as much as possible. Some would say you are still very lucky even if you are laid up in a hospital bed.

  2. Happy anniversary . . . and you are so close!! You are doing an amazing job, and you'll be home in no time! - Tkeys