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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Addison's Cardiology Appointment and Our Weekend Away

My holiday/birthday weekend started early because I need to take Addison to her follow up Cardiology appointment early on Friday afternoon. We have yet to see another SVT episode from Addison since the one and only one she had while in the NICU. The more time we go without another episode, the more likely it will be that she will grow out of the condition. Instead of increasing her heart medication dose as she gains weight, the doctors are keeping her on the same dosage to allow her to be slowly weaned off of the medication. Everything on her EKG checked out fine again and the doctor was pleased that Addison is doing so well. They will see her back again in 2 months and Riley will be going to that appointment to check on the heart murmur they were hearing in the NICU. Before Riley was released the doctors felt that they couldn't really hear the murmur any longer but we did need to follow up with the cardiologist to make sure all is well with her heart as she grows.

Okay on to the weekend at the resort. Jesse and I finally got away and checked into the resort around 6pm. At this point, I was already exhausted from the long week, the packing, and getting Addison to her appointment and back. I felt bad because I wanted to make the best of the time we had away from the girls. After checking in, we decided to go out to dinner. We didn't know the area that well so we just decided to drive around and see what we could find. We ran across a Red Robin and I love to eat there so we stopped there. I had my first glass of wine in almost a year. On a side note: I can't believe it has almost been a year since we got pregnant. We were just getting ready to complete our IUI this time last year. I had one glass of wine during that cycle and I was actually pregnant at the time but I didn't know it yet. Anyways, the wine was nice and just one glass had me feeling good, but instead of waking me up, it had the opposite effect and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. Jesse made me promise that I was going to pump and dump my milk after drinking the 1 glass of wine, so I went ahead and did that to ease his mind even though there would have been just a small trace of alcohol if any in my system. So after the dinner we went back to the hotel and Jesse let me go to sleep so I could be more rested and ready to have fun the following day.

After some sleep I was ready to enjoy our time. After I woke up, I realized I had left some things at home...silly me and we needed to run home and get what I forgot. This was a nice way to check on the girls after our first night away. They were sleeping when we got there and I felt better just being able to see them. Jesse and I then went to breakfast and then it was off to the Casino. Jesse is a fan of the slots, but I am a Black Jack or card game girl. Jesse ran off to donate his money to a slot machine and I found a fun $5 Black Jack table to play at. Jesse returned after about 30 minutes and he had lost all of his money already. I was surprised because I was holding my own and having fun. After getting up a little bit, I gave Jesse some of my winnings and he sat next to me and played some rounds with me. Once again, Jesse lost his money and I wasn't doing too well either. I had got down to my last $5 and then my luck turned around and I played another 30 minutes and got back up. At that point I decided it was time to leave because I wanted to buy the girls some things at Babies R Us and I didn't' want to lose any of my money. Jesse was mad about his loss and promised he would never play slots again. I can not stand slots and I like the slower paced games that allow you to win slowly or lose slowly. We only gamble once a year but Jesse will be playing Black Jack with me from now on. Good choice!

We went to dinner that night at a Mongolian grill. After some good food we wanted to go to a movie but the timing wasn't right so we went back to the hotel and decided to order a movie in our room. The hotel allows you to watch movies that are still in the theater for about the same price as going out so we enjoyed our movie from bed. That is the best way to enjoy a movie in my opinion, so I glad we decided to stay in. We watched the Hangover...Jesse's choice, but it was pretty funny.

On Sunday morning it was time to pack and head home. We got out of the hotel early and went breakfast before it was time to go home. Jesse and I had not been able to go out to breakfast since before we had the girls so I really enjoyed the alone atmosphere and the good food.

When we got home I was so happy to see the girls. I missed them terribly, but I didn't miss the extra crying and diapers one bit. LOL The girls were happy to see us and I was sure they looked bigger in just the 2 days we were gone. They are growing like weeds so I'm sure they were a little bigger or I forgot how big they were before we left. It was a nice relaxing time away, but I was happy to get back to being a mom and holding my girls


  1. Yay for the cardioligist apt! I have to take Ivy tomorrow for hers. Thats great you guys got away and some mama/daddy time! that's very important!

  2. Hello Amy!
    I came across your blog today and have enjoyed reading through it! I am very, very anxiously awaiting the birth of our twin girls. We are 36 weeks (today) and I am just on pins and needles as to how this is all going to play out. If I don't go into labor on my own they plan to induce me or do a c-section on 9/21/09. Both babies are currently head down so we have the option of a vaginal delivery at this point, but I am very unsure of what I want to do. I am more than ready right now, but I know each day they stay inside is better for them. They are estimating them to be at least 5 lbs each at this point. The main reason I write today is to ask about nursing. It seems as if you have had success, but I am wondering if you would be willing to share with me how it went and if you have tips. I am very determined to nurse as I have taken this year off from work (i work in education) and will be home and able to nurse them. I read horror stories about nursing twins and so I am really looking for any advice or tips from someone who has found success! You are certainly an inspiration. You seem to have it all together - work, school, wow!! Very impressive. If you have time (which I know must be very precious) to share any information that may help me I would appreciate it more than you know. Looking through your blog you certainly give me hope that I can get through this -- even during the most difficult times. Thank you for putting the blog together. I hope you are know there are people out in the big world wide web that are benefiting from your words!! Thank you!
    Take care.
    Maria -