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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Thoughts

The start of football season was tough for the Redskins. I meant to post yesterday, but as usual, the day got away from me. Even though we had the girls all dressed up and Jesse and I had our jerseys on, we couldn't will the Skins to a win. The Giants are a tough team and the Redskins didn't show up to play really until the second half when things were too late. Although it was funny to watch Jesse and Riley together during the game. Jesse held Riley most of the game since her new thing is to be held every, I mean, every second of the day. When the Redskins would score a touch down or do something great on the field, Jesse would jump up with Riley in his arms and run around the house with her. He would take her arm and show her how to cheer "Touch Down". It was so funny to watch. Mostly, Riley had a "what in the heck is going on" look on her face because it scared her when Jesse would jump up and yell, but she was a good sport. Jesse even tried throwing her in the air after a good play, but she didn't like that and started to cry. I guess she is still a little young to enjoy flying in the air. We hope next weekend will be better when the Skins play the Rams. This "should" be an easy win for us, but last year we gave up the game to the Rams so we hope we don't see a repeat of last year. We also hope that the Cardinals can get their act together and pull out a win next week also. They played horribly on Sunday also.

The diet - no fast food plan is going pretty well. I don't really crave the bad food and I look forward to all the fruits and veggies I have been eating. My body feels better and I'm not as tired as I used to be. Imagine that??? I'm down 3 pounds since Monday the 7th and we I have not had fast food since Friday the4th. I'm not completely limiting bad foods. I have replaced candy for chocolate covered granola bars and I have had a few cookies, but other than that, I am eating more healthy and looking forward to more progress. Jesse is working out 3 days a week at the gym and starting to build some muscle. I am proud of him for sticking to the work outs. I wish I didn't have to pump so often and I could run over to the gym, but until I stop pumping, there won't be enough time to sneak away. I may start walking with the girls at night to get some exercise.

I now want to recognize a few of my online friends. A fellow infertility survivor Eve just found out she is having twins after doing IVF and putting back 2 eggs. I am so happy for her and it is nice to welcome another momma into the multiples club. I wish her luck in her pregnancy, but I know she has a rough road ahead. She had pre-term labor with her son and spent time in the hospital on Mag to keep pregnant as long as possible so carrying twins will be another struggle for her body. I pray that things will go well and her body will be strong this time around.

Another friend Kari is the mom carrying Quads. She is almost 33 weeks pregnant and still holding on to all 4 babies. 2 more days and she will make it to where I did in my pregnancy and this just amazes me. Her body was built to carrying multiple babies and I am so glad things have gone so well. She may deliver any day now but each day she holds on is less time the babies will need to spend in the NICU. Keep up the good work Kari.

That is all for now, I hope to get some new pictures up later. Maybe I will add them to this post tonight.


  1. HAIL Amy! We'll get em next time (hopefully!)

  2. I'm glad all is going so well. Good job on the healthy eating - I started eating a lot of bad food when I was pregnant and trying so hard to gain more weight for twins. It can be a little hard to stop (for me, at least). :)