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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Busy Week

I haven't had as much time to blog this week. We got a great video of Riley talking away and I have been saying "I need to get that on the blog" but here we are 4 days later and I am just getting around to it.

Work has picked up a little bit for me, which is good since my job is performance based. And a shout out to all of my blogger friends, if you are looking to get back into school and are interested in pursuing your degree online, I can help you. Okay, person plug over with.

Jesse has been getting home from work late this week because he is getting more observation hours in for the finish of his masters in secondary education degree. He needs 100 hours of observation in high school classes, or organized sports. Since he is doing his observation hours, he has had to stay at work later to make up for the time he is missing. This leaves me at home with the girls by myself and the evening hours are their most fussy times. Normally we get some help from both my mother and step mom through out the week, but my step mom and dad went to California this week for my dad's birthday (September 11th....Happy Birthday Dad!). So we only had one day of help this week and I could really see the extra pressure. I had a few melt down moments by the time Jesse got home and I haven't been in the best mood. You add in my school work and I am one tired mamma. I'm even in a class that I like for the most part, Ethical, legal, and Regulatory Issues in Health care. So even though I enjoy the work, I still don't have much time to devote to my classes. Luckily, I only have 4 more classes after this one and I will have my masters degree finished....and hopefully there will be no more school for me.

Jesse and I are excited for the start of football season today. GO REDSKINS!!! We have a tough game against the Giants in New York so we may need a few extra cheerleaders cheering us on. It looks like Addison and Riley are up to the challenge.

So here is Riley's video as promised. You have to watch for a few seconds before she really starts talking.


  1. ME ME ME!! I want to go to school Miss AMY! (said with southern twang)...oh wait, I am in school :-) I'm so excited about football season too and Chris is loving that I am finally into the sport. That video is too cute of Riley-I love baby babble. I need to come for a visit. They are getting too big! Give them a kiss for me!