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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Picture Post

Here are some recent photos of the girls. They are growing fast and sharing their personalities. Enjoy:
The girls all dressed up in their first pair of jeans

Riley with her new Tigger toy my dad bought for her at Disneyland
She was falling over in her bumbo, she still learning how to sit up all the way

Riley hanging out with daddy.
Don't you love that surprised look and the spit-up on her shoulder

Addison playing in the bath

Riley relaxing on the cough
She is a thumb-sucking baby now.
We are happy about that because now she is better at self-soothing
Does this picture make my head look big??? Mommy thinks so

More Redskin Cheerleaders

Close up

Daddy and Riley all ready for the big game!

Riley sharing her beautiful baby blues

What can you say about that look???


Riley hanging out in the bumbo with her teddy

Addison sharing time with her Great Aunt Jennie


  1. Amy the Girls are So Adorbale. There getting so big So fast. they are such sweethearts. They are going to break every Guys Heart when they are older. Hope things are well with you.

  2. Love the pics! They are growing so much. I love how tiny they look in the bumbo - I remember the bumbo dwarfing Micah, and then he got too big for it! - Tkeys