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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2nd Disneyland Trip 2010

Here is part of our Disneyland trip documented on my camera. The girls really enjoyed this trip more because they were older and able to understand a little more. Riley's favorite Character is Poo Bear and Addison loves both Mickey and Minnie. They were great car riders over this time around with just a little fussing around their normal bed time as we were still driving. We made it to the hotel and gave the girls a bath and they finally settled down a few hours later. I was so exhausted that Nana and grandpa entertained the girls while I dozed on the bed for a while.
After a good night sleep, we were all ready to get into the park. Here is the first shot I go of the girls waiting to go into the park:
Our first stop was to go over to Goofy's garden just as we did the trip a few months back. The girls had a blast but I could tell that they were almost getting a little old for the toddler park.
Here is Addison checking it out:

Riley found the piano inside:

Both girls got to sit on Goofy's chair, this is the best shot I got...they don't sit still for long.



Both girls playing with Goofy's Armour

Riley found the slide and she had to go down it over and over again...Weeeee...
She was smiling with every step
Addison thought it would be fun to go up the slide the wrong way:

Addison made her way up the the pumpkin for a little photo shot:
We then made our way over to the trolley we visited last time for a few shots:
The girls were lucky and got some stickers to play with from some of the nice Disney workers
Addison thought it would be better to push her stroller instead of us pushing her in the stroller
Riley was having more fun with her stickers
Then the girls made their way over to Mickey's Car for some fun
Addison was teaching Riley how to drive...
Silly Riley
Addie and Nana
Now since Riley is in LOVE with Poo, we took her on the Poo ride and then had a chance to take pictures with Pooh's honey area

After some lunch we took the girls on the Mark Twain boat ride. This was a great place for the girls to relax and settle down so we could take them back to the hotel for a nap.
Riley and mommy
After the nap we made it over to the carousel where Addison had a blast and Riley hated every second of it.
Addie and Nana
Can you tell by that face that Riley was not too pleased with us for sticking her on the horse?
A nice end to a great day!
On the second day we had breakfast at the Carnation Cafe'...this is a family tradition to have one meal there and their breakfast is delightful. Riley entertained Grandpa and did some coloring while we waited for our food.
Addison enjoyed tasting some crayons...
Grandpa was so nice and let offered the girls carnations off of the table

Grandpa and Riley
We had some more fun around the park and the girls got tired and a little cranky at times:
But quickly we found more fun things to do.

The last night we ate dinner at the Mexican resturant and the girls wore their sweatshirts and their Mickey hats

Riley enjoying some juice
Addie laughing:

I have many more pictures to post that Grandpa took.....stay tuned.

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