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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas fun 2010

This Christmas was a lot of fun. The babies understood what was going on so much more this year. The girls were excited to see all the presents under the tree but I don't think they completely got what was going on but as soon as we started helping them unwrap their presents, they were so excited to see what was under the shinny paper. Santa brought them some magnetic doodle boards since they are very into drawing and mommy and daddy were not ready for them to have markers yet.
Riley unwrapping her doodle board
Addison opening hers
Oh what fun

Look mom, this is exciting!!!
Addison opening a package of clothes

Addison spotted a gift for daddy
Jesse bought them a toy dinosaurs that growls and moves to music and it was a big hit.
Mommy got the Eclipse DVD from daddy.
Mommy also got some Bath and Body Works scents
The girls got a nursery set for their babies
Lesson learned...we should have put the thing together the night before
The next big hit was the shopping carts grandma got them.
Addison thought it would be fun to get on the box for some reason
They even got a bunch of food to carry around in their carts
The girls were less interested in the clothes
But they did model them quickly for us

Daddy got a big present from Santa
And that ended up being a new laptop!!!!! And mommy got one too....that Santa is so nice!

After all the presents were opened...the girls took off to use their shopping carts.

After our celebrations were over, we headed over to Grandpa and Nana's house to open more presents with Aunt Sara and her boyfriend Alan and Uncle Steven and Aunt Liz.
The girls got tricycles and a bunch of Disney items. They were so excited! They were spoiled rotten by everyone!
After all the fun at Grandpa and Nana's house, we headed over to Aunt Shannon and
Uncle Dan's house to celebrate with the Westrum side of the family. We enjoyed some good food, good family, and lots of fun.
Riley tried to feed Aunt Sara a snack!

Then the girls got strollers to carry their baby's around that they got from Grandpa and Nana. These babies were twins which was perfect for "our" twins!

Later in the night we found a bunch of Christmas hats and headbands that we the girls and I tried on and modeled for everyone.

Addison was not as thrilled as mommy was to play the game.

She even got upset at the idea....poor girl.

Riley had a bit more fun with me

Addison found a Santa hat and she was much more into the game.

Mommy had fun!

Mommy is so goofy!

At the end of the night, Addison gave us a silly smile. We had such a great day and it was finally time to go home and get some rest.

We hope everyone had a great family day and we look forward to watching the girls grow in this next year. Today they are 20 months old and we can't belive they are almost 2.

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  1. Don't say that dreaded 2 word! I cannot believe that is just around the corner. Looks like they had a great Christmas!