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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sick baby and the Holidays

Riley has been sick, throwing up, diarrhea , and she has been lethargic for the last 3 days. We thought it was just a 24 hour thing because she started feeling better during the day on Saturday, just to go back to throwing up Saturday night. She is actually vomiting golf ball size chunks of curdled milk. I'm not sure what is going on there. And when this baby is sick, she ONLY wants her mama. She won't sleep in her own bed except for short stretches. She just wants to be glued to my chest. This is very difficult since I have so much to get done over the next few weeks but I do enjoy having my busy toddler take naps on my chest whens he normally is too busy for cuddles. That is how we know Riley is sick, she never sits still otherwise. It is one hug or kiss and she is off to the next thing.

We had plans to go back over to Disneyland this next weekend, but now I am not so sure. I will probably take her into the doctor tomorrow to see what they think. I don't want anymore nights of screaming and very little sleep while visiting Disney so we will have to wait and see how things go in the next couple of days.

I was lucky to get a good chunk of the Christmas shopping done on Saturday but I still need to wrap a few things and get them out in the mail to my out of town family and friends. I am also sad that we had to reschedule our family pictures we had scheduled today because Riley was so sick. We will get them done next weekend if we don't go to Disneyland and if we do end up going, Christmas pictures will end up as a last minute thing, which I really hate.

Too much time, and not enough time to get it all done. That has been my theme lately. Thus, the reason why I have not had many blog posts. I'm back in school, working on my 2nd masters program. I got an A in my first class but my 2nd class is so much more work and it all runs through the holidays. I only have a 1 week break for Christmas which is not enough time for all the parties, shopping, and projects I have going. Why oh why do I do this to myself???

I hope your holiday season is going better than ours and I am in aw that I have already received Christmas cards from people who are really on the ball. You people rock!

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  1. Cut yourself some slack, dear!! You are doing the best you can and when you have a sick baby (or babies) the world stops and all else fall to the wayside. And ...people understand that! The pics will happen and will be fab!! Take care and get some rest too!!