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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Pictures

Below are the pictures I promised. There are a few where the girls really look alike too.

I decided not to go the entire night without pumping just to not shock my body too much, so I slept for 6 hours instead. That was pretty nice and I plan to only go about 3.5 hours in between pumpings today to make up for the long stretch at night. Eventually I might move it out to 8 hours at night, but for now I think slow and steady is the right idea.

And another woohoo, both girls slept 9.5 hours straight last night. Lately we have had either one girl or the other sleeping really well while the other one was getting up once or twice. Last night was perfect bliss. They went down to bed really well and didn't make a peep all night. Addison was up first and Riley was still sleeping when I left the house. Way to go baby girls. Mommy is so proud!!!!

Both girls wearing the dresses that Aunt Sarah and Gram sent

Addison on the play mat

Wow, look at how much we look alike!

Addison taking a nap on the couch

Addison giving us a pose

Smiley Addison

Hanging out in their pajamas


Playing on the play mat together

Addison in a towel after her bath

Pretty girls

Riley napping

Addison in the swing


  1. Wow I can't believe how big they are getting and YES they do look alot more alike now then when they were smaller! Very precious!

  2. What great pictures! - Tkeys

  3. Aww I could just eat them up! They are so darn cute and they do look alike! I'm loving all the smiles!!

  4. They seem to get more animated in each set of pictures you post! They are just so adorable!!! I have a feeling they know it, too! :)

    Keep the pics coming!!!!