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Thursday, August 20, 2009


So if getting ready to take two infants on their first trip out of state on an airplane is not stressful enough, lets add some more problems to the mix. The last few days I have been having trouble pumping on my left breast. I am getting out half the output on that side and the pump doesn't seem to be emptying the breast as good as it normally does. So I do a little research and I think I have a clogged duct. I have pain on that side and have that engorged feeling most of the time. If it isn't hard enough to pump enough milk for two babies, I have to have something like this happen that affects my output. The girls are now taking 4 ounces per feedings, sometimes more and I am not keeping up with that. My supply is draining in the refrigerator and I am having to dip into my stash in the freezer.

So to help combat this problem, I have gone back to the motherhood store and rented the hospital grade Symphony pump. This pump is recommended for mom's with multiples because it is more efficient at getting the milk out. So I am going to use that pump for a while and see if I can help correct the problem soon.

Okay, so on to our next disaster. We get a knock on our door from our neighbor last night. Apparently we have a broken pipe in our front yard that is flooding water all over our front yard and into the street. We think the pipe is from our sprinkler system that we haven't used in a while because some of the heads were broken. We have no idea how long the pipe was gushing water and how much our water bill is going to be. So the only solution for this problem at 9pm at night is to shut off our water. So we fill up a few jugs of water to get us through the night.

Now here it is morning, and I don't know who I am supposed to call. Is this something that our home owners insurance covers or would this fall under our home warranty? Who knows. I have to get this mess figured out and I have called out of work today in hopes of getting this fixed before we leave for our trip in 24 hours. So as you can see, we are a little stressed out in this family today. And to top it all off, Riley isn't feeling so well. I had her sleeping in her swing yesterday afternoon and she woke up and proceeded to throw up all over herself. The poor little baby. I was pumping and thought I was hearing her filling her diaper, I didn't even realize she had thrown up until I was done. I had to get my baby out of her disgusting clothes and bathe her. Since then, she doesn't seem to be feeling as well and didn't want to go to sleep last night until late.

Who knows if we can get all of these problems fixed before we fly out tomorrow morning and I don't know how I am going to do the laundry we need in order pack. I can't take a shower or brush my teeth at the moment. Oh, the joys of parenthood and home ownership.


  1. I just stopped by your blog for the first time, from the Multiples and More site. Your girls are beautiful! I have an Addison also...she and her sister are 4 months old. Just wanted to say hello!

  2. Sorry you're having such a rough day! I would think it would be homeowner's insurance, but I might be wrong. We had a dishwasher flood and destroy our wood floors, and our homeowner's insurance covered it. So I would think if an interior home flood like that would be under it, maybe an exterior one would too?

    I thought I had a clogged duct briefly too - my friend told me to massage while pumping, and that seemed to clear it up and it stopped hurting. Good luck! You are doing amazing to still be pumping with all you have going on. :)